How Arsene Wenger revolutionised Arsenal with the use of supplements

By on September 18, 2015


Arsene Wenger arrived at Arsenal and revolutionised the club from top to bottom but one of the most important aspect he improved was what the players ate and what supplements they took.

Back in the early nineties under George Graham, players would regularly eat burger and chips on a Friday night before a game and nobody had even heard of creatine before.

However, fast-forward twenty years and every Premier League club imposes strict diets on their players and encourage the use of supplements to improve performance, and much of that is down to Mr Wenger arriving on these shores.

One of the first thing’s he did after being installed as Arsenal manager in 1996 was introduce protein and creatine to the players’ diets, with boys instructed to take these supplements before and after training.

Together with a focus on nutrition and innovative training methods, many players claim that Arsene not only improved them as players but also helped prolong their careers, and the boss is still utilising these methods today.

Here we’ll take a look at the different types of supplements Arsenal players use these days:

Creatine: Arsene ensured players ate the right meals before games but the introduction of creatine was vital as it promotes muscle growth and body strength which improves performance on the pitch. Typically taken before training or a match, creatine also helps to increase endurance and reduce fatigue.

Multi-vitamins/caffeine boosters: The players also take multi-vitamins to ensure they get all the vitamins they need to protect their immune system while caffeine boosters just before training or a game will increase focus and reduce fatigue.

Whey protein: This was arguably the most important nutritional supplement introduced by Wenger when he came to Arsenal as he insisted the players started drinking protein shakes. Taken both before and after training/matches, whey protein stimulates muscle growth, aids recovery and helps repair muscles, which was seen as an important factor in improving performance on the pitch.

Protein is an absolute must for any player who wants to make it in the game at a high level. You can choose from wide varieties of protein powder from Supps R Us and you can compare them side by side on which will best fit your fitness goals.

Obviously, taking nutritional supplements can only do so much but when you’re talking about elite football such as the Premier League, little differences like taking protein and creatine had a dramatic effect on the players performance which led to two doubles over the next six years following Wenger’s arrival at the club.

Most clubs have now caught up and copied his methods [which is possibly why we haven’t won the Premier League in over a decade!] so any aspiring footballers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of complimenting a well-balanced diet with the use of supplements.

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