Arsenal: Why we will lift the Premier League trophy this season

By on December 9, 2023


Arsenal have begun the 2023/24 season with high hopes and have largely lived up to them, sitting in the top of the table in the Premier League behind rivals, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Is this the year for Arsenal to reclaim the top spot in English football and end their 20-year drought? We really think so. Here are five reasons why we think they will win the Premier League title this year.

1. We have a solid defense

It has been said that “defenses win you titles”, and Mikel Arteta seems to have built one that can do the job. While the 2022/23 team was praised for their impressive attacking output, they still conceded 43 goals at the back (ten more than Man City) and were ultimately undone by some key defensive injuries.

But that problem is now solved as Arsenal have only let in ten goals this season (joint best with Liverpool) and rank first for expected goals against – a natural result of their quality players and their ability to control possession.

These numbers are also confirmed by the eye test, as William Saliba is still dominant at centre back and Takehiro Tomiyasu hardly makes a mistake, while Declan Rice has eased their burden with his excellent recovery tackles in midfield. These foundations have pushed us into third despite our poor offensive data, and they give us real hope that we can maintain a title challenge.

2. We can adapt to different situations

Teams need to be flexible and versatile if they want to win the Premier League, and Arsenal have shown that they can cope with different circumstances.

A combination of cautious opponents (who crowd the middle), world-class attacks, red cards and frequent injury problems have forced Arteta to try new player combinations and explore different ways of creating chances (often from the wings) – all without affecting our ability to compete.

This constant change has led to rather dull games that, in turn, increase supporter frustration. But it also makes us more unpredictable and prepares us for any/all game scenarios, which should result in consistent points accumulation over the season. We’ve seen how a good chemistry can bring those 90+ winners. We are on the right track!

3. We have that extra edge in every area

From the arrival of Win to our set-piece creativity, Mikel Arteta has always gone the extra mile to tilt the fine margins in Arsenal’s favour, and that edge could make all the difference next May.

Arteta’s impact is felt at every set piece, as he was the one who brought Nicolas Jover to Emirates Stadium in 2021. Of course, Jover deserves all the praise for our amazing set-piece efficiency (31% of our league goals), but the boss signed “big lads” for that very reason, and their accompanying physicality (a must-have trait) has already earned us valuable points this season.

The ‘small gains’ list continues elsewhere, with David Raya brought in for slight improvement over Aaron Ramsdale, Ben White turned into a right-back and Declan Rice signed for vital leadership as well as his decent football skills.

In short, Arteta obsesses over the fine details and has, as a result, built a team full of flair, commitment, physicality, depth and technical expertise – all the qualities needed to achieve title glory. Some decisions have divided opinion, but these are the standards we need and they may well lead to number 14 in a few months’ time.

4. We have a brilliant coach in Arteta

Another reason why Arsenal will win the Premier League this season is that they have a brilliant coach in Mikel Arteta, who has transformed the club since his arrival in 2019.

Arteta, who really had a tricky start, has instilled a clear vision and philosophy in the team, based on possession, pressing, and positional play. He has also improved the individual and collective performance of the players, making them more confident, disciplined, and cohesive. He has also shown tactical acumen and innovation, adapting to different opponents and situations. Furthermore, Mikel has also brought back the winning mentality and the club culture that had been lost in recent years. He has restored the pride and the passion of the fans, the players, and the staff. He has also won two trophies in his first two seasons, the FA Cup and the Community Shield, proving his ability to deliver silverware. Even the best sports betting sites are giving us the biggest chance to win the title, after the drop of form from our main rivals Man City.

Arteta is a young and ambitious coach, who has learned from the best, such as Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger. He has the respect and the trust of the players, the board, and the supporters. He has the potential to become one of the best coaches in the world, and he has the chance to make history with Arsenal this season.

5. It is the players time to shine

The final reason why Arsenal will win the Premier League this season is that it is their time to shine, after years of disappointment and frustration while coming so close last season.

We have not won the league since 2004, when we went unbeaten for the whole season. Since then, we have seen our rivals overtake them and dominate the domestic scene, while we have struggled to compete and challenge for the top prizes.

But this season, things are different. Arsenal have a strong and balanced squad, with a mix of experience and youth, quality and depth, and talent and character. We have a great coach, who has a clear plan and a winning mentality. We have a supportive board, who have backed the coach and the team with smart investments and decisions. Even Roy Keane, our former rival from Man Utd, thinks that this is Arsenal’s season.

We also have a favourable situation, as the league is more open and competitive than ever, with no clear favourite or dominant force. Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and they are all vulnerable to dropping points and losing momentum, especially the last couple of weeks.

Arsenal have a golden opportunity to end their long wait and claim their 14th league title this season. We have the ingredients, the conditions, and the motivation to do it. We just need to believe in our players and seize the moment. It is their time to shine.