PHOTOS: New Leaked Images Of Arsenal’s 2014/15 PUMA Away Shirt

By on June 30, 2014

New leaked images of Arsenal’s supposed 2014/15 away shirt have appeared online.

PUMA are due to officially release their first Arsenal kits on July 10, but we’ve seen a number of mock-ups and ‘leaked’ photos doing the rounds online in recent months.

The latest photos, shown below, are very similar to the pictures we saw a few weeks ago but the kit appears to be a slightly more vibrant yellow.

It has the same patches of blue on the shoulders and arms, with red used for the PUMA and Fly Emirates logo’s on the chest, and some red detailing down the sides.

These images come just a few days after we brought you photos of our supposed 2014/15 home kit being sold prematurely on Sports Direct.

I really like the look of this away kit and I hope in real life it looks bright like the latest images rather than the more dull yellow seen in some of the older pics.

Here are the newer images along with some older photos:

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