[Player Ratings] Sloppy Arsenal fail to fire in 2-2 draw with PSG

By on November 23, 2016
Laurent-Koscielny arsenal

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Arsenal blew their chance to top our Champions League group after drawing 2-2 with Paris Saint-Germain at the Emirates tonight.

Here are my ratings:

Ospina  5/10 – Not at fault for the opener and was perhaps a little unfortunate with the second but was poor with his distribution.

Jenkinson 5/10 – Fell asleep and lost Lucas for their second goal. Not adventurous enough in the final third.

Koscielny 6/10 – Got caught out trying to overplay at the back which led to a booking but put in some vital blocks.

Mustafi 6/10 – Lost Matuidi in the build-up to their opener and seemed to be dragged out of position a few times.

Gibbs 6.5/10 – Did little wrong in defence and was keen to get involved going forward.

Coquelin 6/10 – Got himself about and at least he tried to disrupt PSG’s rhythm in midfield.

Ramsey 7/10 – Far more involved in the middle of the park than he was against United. Made several interceptions and worked hard, but he was still frustrating at times.

Sanchez 6.5/10 – Won the penalty and was dangerous on the odd occasion but a little wasteful.

Ozil 6/10 – Lovely ball found Sanchez in the build up to the penalty but was otherwise frustrated by those around him as we continued to struggle with our attacking game.

Iwobi 5/10 – Poor attempt to prevent Lucas’s header and was disappointing overall. Too many times we saw attacks break down when he was in possession.

Giroud 6.5/10 – Made no mistake with his penalty but was far too immobile up front and was easily marked by the PSG defenders.


Xhaka [5], Walcott [5], Oxlade-Chamberlain [5.5].


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  2. Peter12

    November 23, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    If truth be told we were lucky to get a draw. Not the end of the road point wise since finishing first wouldn’t have meant an advantage for us; either Bayern or Barca next round. It is goodbye for us at the first hurdle (will be plenty of heroics but the same outcome unfortunately). In this game we did not have a shot the whole 90 minutes. This is worrying me most. I did write yesterday that we would find it difficult. I suggested that Rob Holding should play instead of Mustafi (I guess startling everybody). In the games he played Holding has shown much better ability than Mustafi who I am afraid is a little to slow for my liking, and his positioning is less than that go Holding. I also said yesterday that Ramsey should not playing instead of Xhaka because Ramsey is poor defensively and tactically. Even though he was probably our best player tonight that doesn’t say much because everybody else was so, so poor. At least Xhaka can shoot from distance much to Wenger’s disgust! Back to Mustafi, though, to my mind he was never worth £35m but we had no choice as we (again) resorted to trolley-dash and so we got skinned. Jerks was OK-ish, but having to resort to the Ox as a substitute shows how desperately stuck we are. I said yesterday to Wenger not to play people out of position but expect it to as bad as having Ox as a fullback. In any case he is far too short for a defensive player – in any case, he is not a defensive player by any stretch of imagination. Now, Iowabi. Not yet good enough to play as many games he has been trusted to play. His defensive contribution is zilch. Ozil’s contribution, likewise. Ok, he never performs when Ramsey is playing. Certainly neither Ozil’s nor Alexis should have new contracts which pays them over £200k per week. If that is what they are asking for, the best answer is to cash in on them this summer, but Ramsey should lead the exodus, perhaps Barca is desperate enough to pay a fat fee for him. But the biggest culprit is our manager who insists that we play zonal ‘defence’. This is very difficult to execute successfully. We do not have the right defender to justify it. So as a result they look like dummies when the other team launches the ball into our penalty area. It causes mayhem. Only Konshelny and Le Coq actually earning their bread, the rest (who were on show today) need to re-think their positions with a cold cup of tea at the greasy spoon cafe Either they come out and play like their lives depend on it, or, just get out. IT WAS DISGRACEFUL!

  3. Peter12

    November 23, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    Sorry about one typo though, I meant to type “Jenks” not “Jerks”. This predictive text business is driving me mad!

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