VIDEO: Disgraceful Arsenal ‘Fans’ Abuse Wenger To His Face At Train Station

By on December 7, 2014

A video has emerged online showing so-called Arsenal fans verbally abusing Arsene Wenger as he and the squad boarded a train back to North London after our loss to Stoke on Saturday.

In the short clip which was uploaded to Youtube earlier, a minority can be heard telling Joel Campbell to ‘leave now. Get out while you can’, but the really despicable stuff comes when Arsene walks out shortly after as the ‘fans’ loudly boo and hurl abuse in the face of our long-serving manager.

Now I’m not Wenger biggest advocate these days and do feel it’s time for a change in management at the end of the season, but these ‘fans’ should be ashamed of themselves.

To abuse a 65 year old man in this way is bad enough, but to do it to a manager who’s done so much for Arsenal is a total disgrace.

Arsene has given the best years of his career to this club, turned down countless (more lucrative!) job opportunities to manage the likes of Real Madrid, PSG and England, has overseen the transition from Highbury to the Emirates, secured Champions League football for 15 consecutive seasons on a shoe-string budget, and has won 2 doubles, 5 FA Cups and went an entire season unbeaten…. all while playing attractive attacking football, and this is how some fans feel he should be treated?

Thankfully it was a small minority and the vast majority of Arsenal fans have been condemned their actions – even those who are hardcore #WengerOut have admitted the abuse was over the top.

Watch the video for yourself here, I’ve also included the Vine incase you can’t view Youtube videos or the video gets removed:


  1. pistolpete

    December 8, 2014 at 5:19 am

    Why did he turn down more lucrative jobs?Because he would not have control like he has at arsenal. The geezer even hired his boss for christ sake. Good on them, I say, they pay big, hard earned money to attend games.Time he faced the fans. No one would argue that he turned arsenal around, but 8 years to long. It’s actually sad for the board to allow wenger to suffer this abuse.

    • Tom

      December 8, 2014 at 5:05 pm

      yes dare too looe him and you probably would have worst season that this one big teams with long lasting managers seem to never learn in the pl.

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