Cesc is Back Home!

By on August 5, 2010

Today, Cesc Fabregas led the team out onto the Emirates pitch for the 2010 Annual Members’ Day. Near 10,000 club members and their children cheered the captain as he clapped them back. Cesc appears to have been in good spirits laughing and talking with his teammates throughout the session as well as putting in some jogging and light ball work. Nevertheless, no statement was forthcoming from either the player or the club. At least not officially…

Kenny Sansom told reporters:

I’ve had a chat with Arsene Wenger and he told me he’s going to stay, which is great news. It’s a good day for the club, with all the fans being here to see Cesc back here, they all look up to him and it’s great news that he’s stopping.

Also, Bob Wilson is quoted in the same article as having said:

Today is the clearest indication you can get that he will stay. If you look at the team photo for the 2010-2011 season, he is at the front of the picture.There will be an announcement soon that tells everyone that Cesc Fabregas is going to stay at the Emirates Stadium for this season, and for maybe longer.”

“I think everyone have been worried and everyone have seen that the way that Barcelona has handled things has been totally wrong. People have been comparing the possibility of Cesc going with Ronaldo going last year. Real Madrid paid £80 million for Ronaldo. They over-paid. Barcelona at this moment have offered a very paltry amount for a player who is one of the greatest players on earth.”

“I don’t think we need to tell him that everyone at the club loves him. He has a second father at the club in Arsene Wenger and I think Arsene will be able to get his head around the fact that he is an Arsenal player and not a Barcelona player. Cesc owes a lot to this club in the same way that this club is very appreciative of everything that he gives to it.

Another source at the club said a statement could be expected at “the end of this week or next.” Arseblog summed the whole Cesc situation quite nicely today in his usual succinct and direct style and I’ve written all I care to write about the shameful behavior and tactics of Barcelona. But being this late in the preseason, it appears certain that Cesc will remain with the Arsenal for the coming season. Members’ Day also witnessed the return of Robin van Persie wearing his new #10 on his warm-up kit.

There’s really nothing now to do but wait for a statement from Cesc and further developments in our search for a 4th center-back. Arseblog summed the whole Cesc situation quite nicely today in his usual succinct and direct style.


  1. Ollyvipe

    August 5, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    I’m quite happy that he Cesc is staying at the club at least for another full season or there about…

  2. peter

    August 6, 2010 at 8:46 am

    we are now ready to win more trophies , long live fabrigas

  3. Edward Sasam

    August 6, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Good on Arsenal. I believe the Prem clubs need to stand their ground against the 2 spanish teams who are trying to snap up everyone. Hope he stays, hope torres stays. as united fan, but also a fan of the prem, i want the best players to be here en the premiership.
    Can’t wait for the season the begin.

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