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  • AdeByeWhore Insults Arsenal Supporters

    Former Arsenal striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, insults Arsenal supporters and claims his on-pitch assault of a teammate stemmed from an argument over shoes.

    • Posted September 11, 2009
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  • My Recurring Arsenal Nightmare

    It's like a recurring nightmare... I'm standing outside of the training ground at Colney on the Friday following the final match of an international break hoping to get a glimpse of some of the players on their...

    • Posted September 11, 2009
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  • If I Had A Nickel for Every Idiot Ex-Player/Pundit…

    This international break has been so void of news that I have taken to airing my grievances with the British football media on more than one occasion. This time, it's Stan Collymore who has set off the...

    • Posted September 10, 2009
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  • Damn These International Breaks

    If Cesc was not fit enough to even make the bench for the United match, how is he now fit enough to play two international matches for Spain? Same for Rosicky. Following Theo's double service this past...

    • Posted September 2, 2009
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  • Some Final Thoughts on the Farce at Old Trafford

    I expect this match to have the same galvanizing effect that our trip in 2003/04 had by fostering the "Us vs. the world" attitude so prevalent in many of Arsenal and Wenger's greatest sides and so lacking...

    • Posted August 31, 2009
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  • Why Saturday Was A Fantastic Day To Be A Gooner

    Following the West Ham-Millwall disturbances, I thought I was done watching fat, bald guys falling over on the pitch. But I was mistaken... Arsenal may have been out-refereed but United were outclassed and their supporters' chants of...

    • Posted August 30, 2009
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  • Why This Match Is NOT An “Acid Test”

    Everywhere I turn I seem to hear pundits talking about the trip to United as some sort of an "acid test" for the Arsenal's title credentials.

    • Posted August 28, 2009
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  • British Media Thinks Diving Is REALLY Wrong, NOW…

    It seems that diving now is even more wrong -or wrong enough now to be punished- since it is Arsenal that have seemingly benefited from it and not the darlings up at Old Trafford or Anfield. [FULL...

    • Posted August 27, 2009
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  • Three Questions about the 4-3-3

    For me, there are three main questions which are yet to be answered following the first three matches. Admittedly, none can be answered in a weekend or two and I believe each holds part of the key...

    • Posted August 25, 2009
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  • (Alex) Song of the Week

    The Premier League is well and truly under way and while it is still too early to really know or predict anything, some strengths have been displayed, some weaknesses discovered, and some statements made. It is...

    • Posted August 21, 2009
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