How Arsenal FC Players Have Been Performing In the Group Stage Of EURO 2024

By on June 27, 2024


EURO 2024 is serving up a great deal of competitive ups and downs for all the teams in participation. While spectating the matches, you can engage in betting euro 2024 if you’d like to bet on player performance, correct score, and other types of football bets. Let’s analyze the Arsenal players that are contributing to EURO 2024 to see how they have been doing in the competition thus far.

Bukayo Saka (England)

Bukayo Saka is a right winger for Arsenal FC and for England’s national team. He keeps fans and everyone in the club organization impressed with his handling of the ball with his back foot so that he can protect it from opponents. Saka’s high passing accuracy of 91.34% across the three matches in which he has participated for EURO 2024 thus far is astounding in itself.

In the third Group C game against Slovenia that ended in 0-0, one of Saka’s attempted goals was ruled not as a valid goal because Phil Foden was offside before passing the ball to Saka who had struck the ball into Slovenia’s goal zone. The previous Group C stage game against Denmark ended in a draw as well: 1-1. England’s first group stage match back on June 16, 2024 against Serbia ended in a win by 0-1.

Emile Smith Rowe (England)

Emile Smith Rowe is an attacking midfielder for Arsenal FC and for England’s national team. Alongside Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe is making great strides for the England team thanks to his week-long training session in Dubai with Coach Sean O’Shea. After completing EURO 2024, he will be participating in the Under-21 Championship that’s taking place in Romania and Georgia. Both events will propel him towards greatness, especially after having to deal with a groin injury that had him healing for the first half of the 2023 to 2024 season.

Granit Xhaka (Switzerland)

Granit Xhaka, captain for the Switzerland national team, is propelling his team to great heights as he has already been declared player of the match twice since EURO 2024 began. The event has only been ongoing for the past couple of weeks, and this is an awesome achievement to make in such a short amount of time during a high-stakes tournament. Now that Switzerland has survived the group stage and are moving on to the knockout stage thanks to Xhaka’s playing prowess and the rest of the team’s hard-working contributions, time and dedication will only tell if they can reach the quarter finals.

Martin Ødegaard (Norway)

Out of the 7 matches that Martin Ødegaard has played thus far for EURO 2024 as a midfielder for the Norway national team, he has scored 1 goal and completed 1 assist during one of the games with a passing accuracy of 86.86%. Out of his 17 total goal attempts, 2 were on target while 8 were off target.

His handle of the ball and how he just never stops running on the field to get to the goal is something that amazes his teammates and fans. He was a young prodigy starting his football career at 16 that is now still going strong at age 25.

Kieran Tierney (Scotland)

Kieran Tierney, the defender for Scotland, participated in 2 matches with 8 balls recovered and a passing accuracy of 85%. He is a true-born leader who earned the PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year for three years in a row from 2016 to 2018.

Despite his efforts to assist his team through EURO 2024, the player on loan from Arsenal FC and the rest of teammates suffered an intensely dissatisfying defeat when Hungary had a made a goal late in the game during their last match. Hence, Scotland was knocked out of the Group A Stage during that final match for Scotland on Sunday, June 20, 2024.