How to bet successfully: recommendations for beginners

By on December 4, 2023

Betting on sports has become a popular activity worldwide, and in Nigeria, the trend is no different. For those interested in exploring the diverse options available, a thorough understanding of different sportsbooks is crucial. An in-depth review of the Bet9ja sportsbook: Nigeria’s complete analysis can be found here, offering valuable insights for both new and experienced bettors. This article will delve into the qualities of professional bettors and provide useful advice to novices, starting with a basic understanding of what a bettor is.

You’ve probably heard of bettors. These are players who bet on sports. We tell you about the qualities of professional “bettors”, and also give useful advice to novice bettors.

Who is a bettor

The word bettor (or bettor) comes from the English word bet – bet. Even players who have just registered on the website or in the application of a bookmaker’s office become bettors, or they make bets to their disadvantage. 

How to become a successful bettor: tips for beginners

Successful bettors often profit when betting on sports, and some players even make sports betting their livelihood. To become a successful bettor in the future and often bet in the plus side, follow the recommendations of Sports.ru experts:

  • Study materials about betting. Read books, learn about the experience of other bettors, and familiarize yourself with the game and financial strategies of betting on sports.
  • Study thoroughly 1-2 sports on which you will bet. As a result, you should thoroughly understand the rules of the games, and formats of tournaments, understand which teams or athletes are considered favorites, and who is an outsider, etc. Expertise in the chosen sport is one of the keys to success in betting.
  • Play at different bookmakers. Create accounts at several BCs, familiarize yourself with the bonus program offered by bookmakers, and compare odds and margins, as well as the list of events.
  • Do not hurry to bet real money. Before you fund your account and start betting for real money, test different strategies of the game with the help of a virtual betting table. The strategy will be successful if, after making more than 100 bets, you will come out in the plus.
  • Strictly observe the rules of game bank management. Before you start betting, determine the size of your game bank and the maximum amount of your loss.
  • Make pauses. When a long series of defeats stop to “exhale”. Pause if you feel that the excitement is consuming you or you start to get overly fond of betting on sports.

Pay attention to the services of cappers – experienced bettors and professional analysts. Their forecasts will help you get your first money from sports betting, as well as trace the logic of thinking professionals. We have written an article about who are cappers – you can read it here.

Qualities of professional bettors

A successful bettor is a player who:

  • has a thorough understanding of the sports he bets on;
  • studies and analyzes the statistics of teams and athletes, taking into account the factors that may affect the outcome of the meeting (for example, the type of surface of the playing field, weather conditions, home or away nature of the meeting, etc.);
  • follows the news of the chosen sport, knows about disqualifications, injuries, and motivation of athletes;
  • uses several types of bets: on the outcome of the match, totals, and fora, and bets with handicaps. Collects expresses and bets with the system, if there is no high risk of losing such a bet;
  • does not take unreasonable risks.

Questions and Answers

Is it true that successful bettors never lose?

– No, even experienced and successful players can be wrong in their predictions and make losing bets. The average successful bettor has 70-75% winning bets.

Are there courses for bettors?

– You can find various offers for betting training on the net. However, we recommend studying the theory and gaining experience in sports betting on your own.

Is it possible to make betting a source of permanent income?

– Yes, but you should keep in mind that betting will take up a lot of your time. To make successful bets, you will have to analyze the statistics of teams and athletes, get into the nuances of the sports you are going to bet on, and study and test various sports betting strategies.

Is it true that bookmakers block the accounts of successful bettors?

– No. The administration of a betting house, if it suspects a bettor of dishonest play, will first request a video interview. During the interview, the player will have to justify his choice. If the player fails to tell why he made a bet that brought him a big win, the bettor may be subject to various sanctions, including the blocking of the game account.

How to beat a bookmaker?

– Even experienced and successful bettors can not beat the bookmaker. Bookmaker’s office, due to the margin always remaining in the plus.

Does it make sense to buy information about match-fixing?

– No, such ads are placed by fraudsters. They work according to the following scheme: the attacker offers a “trial” forecast allegedly for a betting match. If it turns out to be successful, the gullible bettor can pay money for five more such predictions. If the “trial” is unsuccessful, the scammer will disappear for a couple of days, and then return to the site under a different nickname. Do not fall for such offers – even if someone has information about a real contract match, he will bet on such a game, but will not offer to buy information about it in social networks and messengers.