Football Trading on Betting Exchanges

By on September 24, 2023

Football trading on betting exchanges has recently become very popular, because it offers an exciting alternative to traditional sports betting. In this article we will help you dive into the world of football trading, giving you our insights into the strategies, benefits and considerations that come with it.

What is Football Trading?

Football or soccer trading is to buy and sell football betting positions in order to make a profit. The traders bet on the outcome of football markets not as traditional sports bettors, but as individuals who use various strategies to profit from the fluctuations in odds and prices throughout a game before it begins.

What are Betting Exchanges?

Betting Exchanges are online platforms that operate with the peer-to-peer sports betting model. Peer-to-peer sports betting allow players to bet against one another rather than against a traditional bookmaker. The Exchanges offer the players the platform where they can bet against one another charging them with a small percentage fee on all their winning bets, and this is how they make their profit.

Why Betting Exchanges are very fruitful for Football Trading?

Betting Exchanges have revolutionized the betting industry and are particularly well-suited for football betting for a number of reasons.

They usually offer better odds compared to traditional bookies. This happens because the odds on betting exchanges are determined by the market, not by the bookmakers’ profit margin. Thus, the traders can find more favorable odds for their football trading positions.

Another important factor is liquidity. Liquidity is the amount of money available for betting on a particular market. Betting Exchanges typically have higher liquidity for football markets compared to traditional sportsbooks. High liquidity is very important for traders, because it ensures that they can enter and exit positions easily without significant fluctuations on the prices.

Betting Exchanges, apart from the traditional back betting (betting on an outcome to happen), offer lay betting as well (betting on an outcome not to happen). This flexibility allows traders to take both sides of a bet, opening up a wide variety of trading strategies.

Betting Exchanges, moreover, offer excellent in-play opportunities. Traders can place their bets and make their trades while a football match is in progress, reacting to goals, injuries, and other game-changing events. In-play trading is a hallmark of football trading on betting exchanges.

Betting Exchanges offer the cashout feature which allows traders to manage their risk during a match and gain greater control over positions and potential losses.

Betting Exchanges provide also transparency by displaying the volume of bets matched and current odds for each market. This transparency allows them to make informed decisions based on market trends and movements.

Traditional bookmakers impose limits on winning bettors; betting exchanges, on the other hand, typically do not restrict traders due to their success. Therefore, betting exchanges are a very fruitful environment for football traders to continue to trade without fear of being limited or banned.

Popular Football Trading Strategies on Betting Exchanges

Lay the Draw

This is probably the most popular football trading strategy. In this strategy traders lay the draw in a football match and then they trade the draw out with backing it at a lower price if a goal is scored, securing a profit.

When it is best to use: Lay the Draw is often used in matches where both teams are expected to score, leading to volatile odds. If a goal is scored there will be a lot of movement on the prices and this is how the traders make their profit.

Back to Lay

In this strategy, traders back a team before a football match starts and then they lay the same team at lower odds during the match, locking in a profit regardless of the final outcome.

When it is best to use: Back to Lay strategy is effective in matches where one team is expected to dominate but has not scored early.


In this strategy, scalpers back and lay the same selection multiple times as odds fluctuate slightly, in order to make small and quick profits.

When it is best to use: Scalping is effective during in-play trading, especially in football matches with high liquidity and minimal price changes.

Swing Trading

In this strategy, traders may back or lay a team, expecting that the odds will significantly shift in their favor in order to capture these larger price movements during a match and make more profit.

When it is best to use: Swing Trading is suitable during in-play football matches anticipating significant momentum changes, such as after a goal is scored.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals Trading

In this strategy, traders bet on the number of goals scored in a football match (over or under 2.5 goals) and they aim to trade out a profit as goals are scored and the game progresses.

When it is best to use: This strategy is often used in football matches with high-scoring potential or when there is a likelihood of late goals.

In-Play Momentum Trading

In this strategy, traders look for and react to momentum shifts during a football match, backing or laying teams based on changing circumstances, such as goals, red cards etc.

When it is best to use: This strategy is suitable for in-play trading and requires quick decision-making.

Hedging and Cash-Out

In this strategy, the traders place bets and then use the hedging and cash out features betting exchanges are offering to secure a profit or minimize losses during a football match.

When it is best to use: Hedging and Cash Out is used to manage risk and secure profits, especially when a football match is not going as expected.

Betting Exchange Accessibility

The most popular betting exchange is Betfair, which can be accessed directly but it is not available in many countries. However, there are betting exchanges in the form of Betfair clones, that are supported by Betfair and they offer the same markets, odds, and liquidity. These exchanges cannot be accessed directly, only through a mediator, a betting broker. These brokers apart from providing access to such platforms the also manage user accounts and offer customer support service to assist players with any queries or issues they might encounter. A betting broker as such is Brokerstorm, which stands out for offering access to all major powered by Betfair exchanges, like Orbit Exchange, Winfair24 and Whitehorse, ensuring that all may participate in the exciting world of football betting, even where direct access is not possible.


Football trading on betting exchanges opens up many opportunities for football fans and bettors. Whether you are a novice trader looking to get started or an experienced trader seeking to refine your strategies, football trading is an exciting and profitable way. Success in football trading ultimately depends on your knowledge, discipline and skill. Whether you decide to explore football trading with betting exchanges through Brokerstorm or other sources, always approach your strategies with responsible mindset and continuous learning in order to maximize your chances of success and make football trading a thrilling experience.