The Cycle Frontier Beginners Tips & Tricks Guide

By on January 25, 2023

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Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

Strategize your drops, never shoot striders, keep an eye on your stamina, and delay your evac a bit. These are a few tricks beginners can pull off to reach the end of their game alive. Tag along with this beginners’ guide to learn more tips and tricks for The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier is an FPS cross-genre game that combines the elements of PvPvE on the huge lands of an alien planet. Surviving here cannot be certain with two different kinds of deadly enemies. However, we’ve handpicked some Cycle Frontier cheats to help you thrive on this planet. 

Meanwhile, this beginner’s guide will give you some winning tips and tricks for the game.

The Cycle Frontier Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide

  • Strategize your drops

It’s important to strategize your drops ahead of time, even before you jump into The Cycle Frontier. Since the game is objective-oriented, you can receive Faction missions that’ll need you to move from one location to another. By strategizing your drops, you can land in areas near your objective. It makes it easier to complete missions and progress in the game.

Since Fortuna III is vast, you can add secret locations to make access easier. However, you’ll need the appropriate keys to access these locations, like Server Room, Armory, Mine Access, etc. Keep in mind that not all locations provide you with a tangible risk-reward ratio, but they can aid your drops. 

  • Allocate your resources ahead of time

Irrespective of the resources you’ve gathered, carry only the necessary ones. They’ll help you survive in some parts of the vast Fortuna III. Nevertheless, they can slow you down as too much weight can drain your stamina.

Additionally, if you die in the long run, you’ll lose all the resources you’ve carried into the game. You may be lucky to find valuable ones left in your safe pocket. So, instead of risking your resources, stamina, and victory, take time to select the most important resources. At least it would help if you carried a weapon, a backpack, ammo, and armor.

  • Never shoot striders

No matter the map you land on, don’t fire at striders unless you want to sign your death sentence. If you must kill striders, use your knife and attempt when they’re not charged. Once the storm begins to rage, they glow orange beneath their lanky plates, and they’re soon charged up. 

Despite being small, they are fast creatures that can run at speed boost and slash you with their claws. If you shoot at them, you’re only attracting more monsters toward your position because no other player would dare to risk his life. So, running is the best thing to do when you come across these creatures.

  • Keep an eye on your stamina

Monitoring your stamina is a very important thing you must keep in mind. Stamina plays a significant role in shaping your entire game, from your abilities to your gameplay. It helps you make perfect jumps, run fast, and even flex your knife or ax. 

However, you won’t do these things if you’re low or out of stamina. Instead, you’ll be panting in the game. This noise will attract nearby enemies and creatures to finish you off. So, keep an eye on your stamina instead of sprinting and running. Sprint less, run less, and live longer.

  • Plan your Evac

As mentioned before, this game is objective-oriented. This means you’ll have some objectives to complete while avoiding enemy players and deadly creatures. So, if you successfully make it to your evac point, don’t wait in your ship while the door closes. This is because, once the extraction ship approaches your evac, nearby players can take you down since your evac has no cover.

Instead of waiting in your evacuation ship, you can hold off enemies till the alarms begin to chime. As the doors begin to close, try your best to sprint inside. Although this trick will give you a successful extraction, you must be careful not to let the door shut you out. Stay close and be alert, looking around for enemies and monitoring the doors.


There are many tips and tricks to help beginners get the upper hand in The Cycle Frontier. However, what you have seen above will guide you through making your first victory in the game. 

So, strategize your drops and add a few secret locations for easy access. Allocate your resources before the game begins. Never shoot striders because you cannot kill them with a shot. Keep an eye on your stamina so you don’t run out when you need it the most. 

Most importantly, plan your evacuation. Don’t hold off enemies while you’re inside your ship. Attack from the outside and jump in before the doors shut.