How to organize effective heating in grandma’s living room?

By on November 1, 2022


Warmth in the house is a guarantee of health, especially for the elderly. This is especially important in winter because when it snows or the cold wind blows outside, the body needs warmth and comfort. Children and adults can dress warmer, move more, and feel comfortable because of it. But elder people cannot follow these tips, so you should make sure that the temperature in your grandmother’s room is maintained at 18-20 degrees. Even with rising energy prices, it is realistic to do this in your home. Below, we provide simple and effective tips on how to make grandma feel comfortable in her living room.

Let’s look at this problem in two aspects: which heater can be used to make it warmer, and how to keep warm when the room is already warm?

How to make a room really warm?

Portable heaters will help to heat only those rooms where there is a need for it. This is convenient because the user independently regulates the optimal temperature and time of use of the heater. The simplest home heaters are those that do not require installation and are connected to an electrical outlet.

The greater the power of the electric heater, the larger the area it can cover.

How to care about energy efficiency?

New houses are made energy-efficient immediately: they immediately have high-quality double-glazed windows and thermal insulation of the walls. Older buildings usually do not have such characteristics, and improving the thermal insulation of the walls can be too expensive. However, you can still add roof and floor insulation and this will already help retain a significant amount of heat. Affordable budget heaters are sold in rolls. They can be placed on the roof and on the floor, and this will help increase the temperature inside the room by 2-3 degrees. Additionally, put carpets in the room, because they perform not only an aesthetic function but also make the room much warmer.

What to do with the windows?

Old windows with wooden frames also do not retain heat well. The larger the area of ​​such a window, the colder it is in the room. Replace old windows with modern plastic double-glazed windows, and this will have a tangible effect on the energy efficiency of the room.

Some buildings are considered historical, so it is not possible to insulate the walls or change the windows in them. In this case, curtains that will not allow the cold to enter the room will help to keep the warmth in the grandmother’s room.

Interior door

You can replace the old door with a new one, or take an easier way. Check the door for cracks. Special insulation and sealants made of rubber or foam prevent the formation of drafts. Thanks to them, heat is stored inside the room and does not dissipate outside. It is especially important to insulate and protect the exterior doors from drafts because it is in this area that heat loss is maximum.

These are the cheapest and simplest things that will help save money and efficiently heat any house, even if it is quite old. Now you know exactly how to make your grandmother’s living room as lovely as her heart.