32Red will raise awareness about responsible gambling through football sponsorship

By on September 25, 2019

32Red which is a subsidiary of a large gambling corporation, Kindred Group, announced that it will be adding several quotes to the uniforms of their sponsored football clubs in order to raise awareness about responsible gambling.

After a few months of conducting a survey about betting company sponsorship approvals in the United Kingdom, 32Red says that it will be a great method of raising awareness about problem gambling in the country and prevent millions of fans from falling deep in the rabbit hole.

32Red currently sponsors five football clubs: Rangers, Preston, Middlesbrough, Derby County, and Leeds United. Each of these teams will have quotes requesting the viewers to stay responsible while making wagers on the sport online.

The decision is a great business practice from 32Red, as football is the most-watched and bet on sport in the United Kingdom, which will help spread the word faster.

According to a recent survey, more than 70% of the UK population is completely fine with having their favourite teams be sponsored by betting companies, while the rest being completely against it.

Considering such numbers, it’s likely that sports betting will continue in the country for the foreseeable future, and the betting companies will not stop placing their brands on players’ uniforms.

32Red’s promotion is likely to entice other betting companies to undertake a similar campaign and thus popularise responsible gambling.

With Arsenal’s case, it’s up to VBet to implement such a message in their campaign and convince the team managers to have it printed on the players’ uniforms.

We may be seeing a trend in the making as even bookmakers are starting to warn about the dangers of irresponsible gambling and the damage they bring to both the sport as well as the market.




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