Facts about Arsenal Football Club

By on December 10, 2018

When writing about football, it’s usually the same old things; match previews, match highlights, team news and transfer news. However, in this article, we’ve decided to take a different stance. Let us set aside the action on the field and look at some facts about Arsenal Football Club.

Arsenal F.C Facts

There is more than one Arsenal

Arsenal fans may think that their team is the only one in the world. We are very sorry to burst this bubble as there is more than one Arsenal. There is Arsenal de Sarandi located in Argentina, FC Arsenal Kyiv all the way in Ukraine and for the Australians, there is Bozner Arsenal. The Scots have McArsenal. For the Frenchmen we have L’Arsenal.

Winning Streak

Back in the football season of 2003 to 2004 Arsenal literally achieved the impossible. They managed to win the Premier League unbeaten. They created a winning streak of 49 games unbeaten that spanned over two seasons. That is one amazing achievement and the odds of doing this again will be like winning a usa casino online jackpot twice.

The “Gunners”

As we know, behind every nickname there is some sort of history. The same is also true for Arsenal. They got the name ‘Gunners’ because the team was formed from a group of cannon makers. This was back in Woolwich Arsenal 1886.

Arsene Wenger

Former long-serving manager and Arsenal legend, Arsene Wenger, also has his own amazing fact. We all know he was one of the longest coaches in the game until he retired. But did you know Wenger was the first foreigner to lift a Premier League title in 1997?

Emirates Stadium

The Emirates is the home of Arsenal FC. It is the second largest club stadium in the UK. To add on to that, it has the capacity to hold almost 60,000 screaming fans. For the Gunners, this stadium has become their fortress for real money pokies fans too.

Youngest Goal Scorer

At 16, Cesc Fabregas is the youngest goal scorer for the team. This was in a match against Wolverhampton Wanderers in December 2003.