[Videos] Fans abuse Wenger, Ozil & Mustafi as they board team bus

By on April 11, 2017

Last night’s humiliating 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace sparked ugly scenes outside the ground as Arsenal fans waited to hurl abuse at the team and manager as they boarded the coach home.

Understandably enraged supporters surrounded the bus outside Selhurst Park last night and made their feelings perfectly clear to not only Arsene Wenger but the under performing players, too.

Video footage has appeared online showing fans shouting obscenities towards Wenger with one fan clearly being heard shouting ‘f*** Arsene Wenger’ while the majority chose to simply boo the beleaguered 67-year-old.

The players were also loudly booed as they made their way on to the coach with supporters venting their anger at Ozil while one fan told Mustafi to ‘go back to Germany’.

I’m sure all the players got similar abuse but Ozil and Mustafi are the two featured in the videos, while supporters also chanted ‘your not fit to wear the shirt’ at Bellerin as he took a throw-in during the match last night.

As if we needed any more proof, the Palace defeat makes it abundantly clear that Wenger has lost the dressing room and the players aren’t playing for him anymore or they simply aren’t responding to his instructions.

Perhaps it’s both, but the fact is it’s time for a change of manager at the club and last night’s defeat was just another nail in the coffin. Surely, SURELY, there is no way Wenger can even contemplate signing a new deal now?!

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