[Images] ‘Leaked’ photos of Arsenal’s 2016/17 home kit appear online

By on April 7, 2016

It’s that time of year again when we start to see ‘leaked’ images claiming to be of next season’s kit appear on social media sites.

Over the past 24 hours we’ve seen the two images below doing the rounds on Twitter with users suggesting this is what our 2016/17 home kit will look like.

The mock-up shows a two-toned red body with white across the shoulders and arms, with navy blue detailing across the best and around the collar while the shorts are plain navy blue.

As ever, it’s received mixed reviews from supporters so far but the majority seem to hate it. And I mean HATE it!

The kit certainly has a very ‘American’ style to it and it’s something you might expect the New York Red Bulls to wear, not Arsenal, but it’s actually growing on me the more I see it.

However, I have my doubts as to it’s validity. We see plenty of fakes circulating and I’d be hugely surprised if this turned out to be our next home kit.

Well-known Twitter user @Memz_Dogi certainly agrees as he posted a couple of photos which he claims to be of the real new home kit. His version, from what we can see in the two images below, seem far more realistic.

Check out the photos below and make up your own mind….


  1. rasheed

    April 7, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Its nt really make sense at al

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