Ratings: Sheff Weds 3-0 Arsenal: Three players given 2/10

By on October 27, 2015

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It was an embarrassing night for Arsenal as we crashed out of the League Cup after losing 3-0 at Sheffield Wednesday. Here are my ratings….they aren’t pretty:

Cech  5/10 – Not particularly at fault for any of the goals but still not a good night for our No.1

Debuchy  2/10 – Horrendous performance from Debuchy. Caught out of position on several occasions and showed us why he’s well behind Bellerin.

Chambers 4/10 – Wasn’t our worst performer but could have done better for the second goal and doesn’t look ready for a first team place just yet.

Mertesacker 4/10 – Per won’t be getting his place back from Gabriel any time soon if he continues this form. Couldn’t handle the Wednesday attack and fell asleep for the third.

Gibbs 4/10 – Another player who disappointed. Gibbs seems to be going back wards.

Flamini 2/10 – Woeful performance. At fault for the first goal and gave the ball away numerous times. His ‘hero’ status following his goals at White Hart Lane was short lived.

Kamara 3/10 – Felt sorry for the lad. Badly let down by his more experienced team mates.

Ox N/A – Off inside two minutes with a hamstring injury. Pray it’s not serious.

Campbell 4/10 – Showed some neat footwork at times but his passing and delivery were terrible.

Iwobi 4/10 – At least he was trying to make things happen. Looks a prospect but was out his depth.

Giroud 2/10 – Embarrassing effort from the previously in-form striker. Made very little effort and looked more interested in not getting injured.


Walcott N/A – Also off within 15 minutes of coming on with a calf problem. If he’s out for any period of time, we’re in big trouble.

Bennacer 4/10 – Showed a good touch and was eager to impress but also out his depth.

Bielik – 5/10 – Impressive in parts. Decent cameo.

Best we just forget about this game as quickly as possible and move on…..

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  1. gooner

    October 28, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    per was the flop for both 1st and 2nd goal. at least he should have tried to flick the ball with his feet as it wasn’t going in at high speed and cmon, their st only did was placing the ball with his inner foot. 2nd, he is our towering center back, he should be in the 6 yard box challenging their strikers. he was again caught in no mans land and completely out of the game. he should be given 2/10. eventhough I usually back him up when ppl blame him, but this time its too poor.

    giroud didn’t deserve 2/10. look at his mid, they ware all useless apart from iwobi. out of 90 min, how many times did he receive the ball at his feet? once or twice. all i saw was midfield playing backwards and never ever penetrated into the opponents 3rd half of the pitch.

    i’d say campbell deserve the 2/10. with the amount of time he had on the ball and not being able to deliver. that’s a 2/10. giroud, na-ah.

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