[Video] Chelsea star brands Diego Costa ‘Cheat’ after Arsenal antics

By on September 21, 2015

It seems even Chelsea’s own players know Diego Costa is a cheating scumbag as Kurt Zouma admitted as much in an interview with French television after the Arsenal game on Saturday.

Costa has once again hit the headlines for his aggressive on-pitch behaviour after some deplorable antics during Chelsea’s controversial win over Arsenal at Stamford Bridge.

The Brazilian-born striker pushed/slapped Laurent Koscielny in the face with both hands before elbowing the Gunners defender in in head in an off the ball tussle apparently not seen by any of the officials.

Costa then chest-bumps Kos before clashing with Gabriel in an incident that saw him claw at the centre-backs neck, slap him forcefully in the back before conning the referee into thinking there was contact from a slight kick-out from the Arsenal player in order to get him sent off.

Somehow, despite being the aggressor, Costa got away with just a yellow card but his antics at the weekend have rightfully brought widespread condemnation from media, fans and pundits alike.

And it seems even some of the Chelsea players know what Costa is like as Kurt Zouma admitted to BeIN Sports after the game that his team mate is a guy who likes to ‘cheat a lot in order to put his opponent off his game’.

So there you have it. Chelsea’s own players admit Costa is nothing more than a scummy cheat who uses underhand tactics to try and get opposition players sent off.

Don’t get me wrong, Gabriel was a fool for losing his temper and falling for Costa cr*p, but the referee’s should be stronger in dealing with the Chelsea man. If the FA don’t use retrospective action to publish him, the game has finally gone mad.

Here’s Zouma confirming what we all already know. It starts at around the 1 minute mark…

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