Videos: Watch Diego Costa slap Koscielny & Scratch Gabriel’s neck

By on September 19, 2015

Diego Costa somehow managed to stay on the pitch as Arsenal controversially lost 2-0 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this afternoon.

It’s becoming a familiar sight, almost predictable, as Costa got away with absolute murder on the football pitch yet again with his opponents ending up the ones to be punished.

The Spanish international clashed with Koscielny just before half-time with replays showing he had in fact slapped/elbowed/pushed the Frenchman in the face. Obviously none of the officials saw it.

This led to a flash-point where Costa chest-bumps Kos – again no action taken for aggressive behaviour – and Gabriel comes in to separate the pair.

Costa incites the situation with Gada leading to handbags, whereby as you can see from the picture and video below, Costa scratches Gabriel’s neck to the point he’s left with nasty marks, but somehow BOTH players were booked.

The argument between the pair continues towards the half-way line after Costa was first to aggressively slap Gabriel on the back, and the Brazilian then has a stupid minor kick-out and Mike Dean couldn’t get his red card out quick enough.

A complete game-changer. The game was finely poised until that point but due to poor officiating we’ve ended up the team with a man down away to the defending champions. We had no hope from there.

I actually thought we coped well being down to 10 men but the sending off of Cazorla killed any hopes of an equaliser. No arguments about the second booking but Santi was dismissed after making just two fouls in the entire game. Yet players like Ivanovic – who made 7 fouls – and Costa – who could be put in jail for GBH – didn’t.

Here’s a video of the initial clash with Kos, any chance the FA will have the balls to look into Costa’s antics today? No chance….

More videos of the entire incident:


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