PHOTOS: Arsenal’s New 2014/15 Kit Being Sold In PUMA Shop

By on June 23, 2014

Arsenal fans have had to endure seeing a number of ‘leaked’ images of what our kit will supposedly look like for next season over the past few months.

Several photos and mock ups have circulated the internet but it appears we’ve now got conformation on what the 2014/15 home shirt will look like after an eagle-eyed Arsenal fan took pictures of the shirt on sale in an official PUMA shop in Macau, China.

The shirt looks exactly the same as the most recent ‘leaked’ images with a red body complemented with white sleeves, so it’s almost certain that this will be the kit we’ll be wearing next season.

The shop was also selling several training tops that I haven’t seen before, but they appear to come in red, blue and yellow.

If this was just any old shop in China obviously we’d assume they were simply cheap fakes, but the fact this shirt is being sold in an official PUMA store suggests they are real and they’ve just released them before the official launch date, which is July 10th.