£25m-Rated Attacker: ‘Arsenal Would Be Stupid Not To Buy Me’

By on May 19, 2014

Carlos Vela has claimed Arsenal would be ‘stupid’ if they didn’t take up the option to re-sign him for just £3.3m this summer.

Vela spent six years with us after joining the club in 2005 as a 17-year-old but despite showing glimpses of his obvious talent, he struggled to establish himself and made just 62 appearances for the first team – scoring 11 goals.

The Mexican spent much of his his time out on loan at clubs like West Brom and Osasuna before he was eventually sold to Real Sociedad for £2.5m in 2012 following a successful year on loan.

The 25-year-old has blossomed in Spain and has just enjoyed his best season to date, scoring 21 goals and providing 13 assists, and his impressive form has led to interest from a whole host of La Liga clubs, with Sociedad valuing him at around £25m.

There has also been widespread reports suggesting that Arsene Wenger may be ready to activate a £3.5m buy-back clause that was inserted into the attackers contract when he was sold two years ago.

Vela has now responded to the speculation and says it would make sense for Arsenal to re-sign him, even suggesting we wouldn’t be very ‘intelligent’ if we didn’t. When asked about the buy-back clause, he told reporters:

“It changes a lot.”

“During the last two summers, Arsenal were not interested in activating it, so we had no trouble,” he said.

“It makes sense they will activate the clause now. A club that sees that a player is performing well for three years and has the chance of having him back for just an extra million.

“If Arsenal wouldn’t pay that amount they wouldn’t be very intelligent. If we put ourselves in their position we will do the same.

“Now, we have to analyse what can be done and how it can be done. And after putting everything in order, we will make a decision about my future; trying to choose the best way to be happy.”

I have to agree with him. We would be insane not to re-sign him for £3.5m. Even if Arsene doesn’t want him, there’s an opportunity to turn a quick profit as we’d be able to sell him on for over £20m.

Vela went on to say that he would do things differently this time around if he does head back to North London, but insists the ball is firmly in Arsenal’s court and he’ll have to wait and see what happens.

He added:

“Arsenal gave me the opportunity to come to Europe when I was 17. I didn’t have as many opportunities as I expected and I had to try new chances.

“If I have to return to London, I will try to make things in a different way in order so that happened in the past won’t be repeated again.

“Now I speak English. I know what I would find there and what I won’t, so I could handle my return in a different way.

“But today, I don’t know if I am going to return or not, we will see, it’s a matter of time.”

“The happiness that I feel in San Sebastian will play an important role in my decision. I seek the best, not only for me but also for Arsenal,”

“The Gunners are the owners of my rights. It’s a decision that must be taken with plenty of calm.

“Regarding a future deal, there are three parts and if they don’t reach an agreement, there will be problems and it will be difficult to solve.

“We have to find a solution that convinces the three part of this negotiation.

“Obviously, the opinion of the player is always important, because if I am not happy in a new destination it will be difficult to perform well.”

I was always a big fan of Vela’s but it was the correct decision at the time to sell him as he wasn’t ready to command a first team place at Arsenal. But he’s now matured and grown in confidence, and I actually think he’d be a useful player to have around the squad next season.

Whether he’s ready to deal with the more physical nature of English football remains to be seen, so perhaps the best option would be to buy him back, let Arsene have a look at him in pre-season and then take a decision whether to keep him or sell him.