Mourinho Hits Back At Wenger ‘Complaining’ Over Mata’s Man Utd Move

By on January 24, 2014

Jose Mourinho has hit back at Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger for ‘complaining’ about Juan Mata’s proposed move to Manchester United.

Chelsea surprised everybody in the football community when they agreed to sell two-time player of the year, Juan Mata, to current Premier League champions Manchester United this week.

Yesterday, Arsene Wenger voiced his concerns over how fair the league was given the FACT that not every club will face the same squad of players over the course of the season due to how the current winter window is set up.

He used Mata’s move from Chelsea to United as an example of how a team can benefit from the January transfer window, as Chelsea have already played United twice this season and are now severely strengthening David Moyes side ahead of their games against the Blues title rivals Arsenal and Man City.

Again, Arsene used the Mata move AS AN EXAMPLE to make his point. But obviously the media twisted his words to say Wenger thought it was ‘unfair’, and most papers failed to include the quote when Wenger actually said he DIDN’T blame Chelsea at all, but he simply thought the rules needed addressing to keep the integrity of the league in tact.

The journo’s asked Mourinho for a response at his press conference this afternoon and the ‘Special One’ was typically obnoxious with his response claiming that he’s used to Arsene complaining because he always does it before suggesting he feels it’s unfair that Arsenal get the rub of the green with the fixture list.

I’m not really sure where he gets the idea from that Arsenal are lucky with the fixture schedules, when we’ve played more away games after Champions League fixtures than any other club over the past few years.

Sure, we’ve been fortunate to get an extra days rest on this occasion ahead of Tuesday game with Southampton, but has Mourinho conveniently forgotten that we had to play Everton on Sunday (4pm), Napoli away on Wednesday before a 12.45 kick off against Man City away on Saturday, recently?! A defining week in our season and we were hampered by the ridiculous fixture schedule.

Needless to say we lost two and drew the other of these three games and were completely knackered during the second half against City when our fatigue allowed them to score four goals. But yeah, crack on Jose with your ‘unfair’ jibes.

This is simply more bullsh*t from Mourinho and he’s just trying to play his boring mind games. I suppose we should just be thankful that we’re now seen as a threat again and he feels the need to have a pop at Wenger like this. It’s been a while since Arsene’s been involved in a good old fashioned public slagging match with a title rival…

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  1. peks

    January 24, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    Mourinho is just stupid..why dint he sell Ba to us then?.

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