One Of Bendtner’s Entourage Told Neighbour To “Shut Up Or I’ll Rape Your Wife”

By on November 27, 2013

Nicklas Bendtner’s latest controversy has taken a bit of a dark turn today with reports claiming that someone in his group told a neighbour to “shut up or I’ll rape your wife”.

The Dane hit the headlines on Monday when it emerged he has been arrested for kicking down a door to the gym in his apartment block after a night on the town.

Bendtner gave his version of events with an Instagram post yesterday – claiming they were simply wanting a quiet late night swim after he had been out for ‘something to eat’ with friends and family following our 2-0 win over Southampton on Saturday, but they ’caused a bit of damage’ after the door refused to open despite his key fob opening the lock.

However, it seems Saturday nights events may have been a little more serious than initially though as the Sun report today that the striker, or one of his friends, told a male neighbour to “shut up or I’ll rape your wife” after he refused to let them in. The mans wife – who is quoted in the report – could not identify the culprit but said he spoke with a foreign accent.

The newspaper claims that Bendtner and his friends knocked at the neighbours door in the early hours of Sunday morning and when a man opened the window to ask what they wanted, he was abused, much to the shock of his wife, who told the paper:

This has really scared me. My husband works night shifts. Had not he already been home, I’d have opened the door and thought it was him. What would they do if I let them in? Would they come into my apartment? The man had a foreign accent, but I can not say which of them it was. It is completely dark at night. I was shocked and have not been myself since.

Another neighbor was equally unimpressed by Bendtners actions, saying the striker must have known the door to the gym wouldn’t open as the gym closes at 8pm. The 65-year-old said:

It is ridiculous. The pool closes at 8pm on weekends. He has lived here for five years. Do you think he should swim at one o’clock at night and was surprised to encounter a locked door? I want him out of the building, and I will make my point very clear to the landlord.

The police released Bendtner with a caution and he took his place on the subs bench for last nights 2-0 win over Marseille – although he wasn’t introduced by boss Arsene Wenger.

I think it’s safe to say this latest episode is probably the final nail in the players career at Arsenal. He has some talent but certainly lacks the attitude to make it as a top footballer. Hopefully we can find a club willing to take him in January and we can bring in someone who’s actually going to help the team out on the pitch, not just make the headlines off it.

***UPDATE*** We seem to be taking a bit of flack for this article, which I can understand due to the original title and lack of clarity in the content, so it has been changed. We should have made it clear that there was no evidence that the person in question was Nicklas Bendtner.

What do you think of Bendtner’s situation?