Valencia Willing To Listen To Offers For Guaita But Arsenal Bid Just £4m

By on August 21, 2013

Valencia president Amadeo Salva has admitted that while they do not want to sell Arsenal target Vicente Guaita, they may be willing to cash in on the goalkeeper if the price is right.

Apparently Arsene Wenger has finally had enough of Wojciech Szczesny’s inconsistent display’s and is looking to bring in another goalkeeper before the transfer window closes in 12 days time.

Widespread reports on Tuesday claimed we had sent chief contract negotiator Dick Law over to Spain tasked with trying to strike a deal with the Valencia for Guaita.

The 26-year-old is unsettled at the Mestalla after being forced to share the No.1 jersey with Diego Alves. Valencia regularly rotate the goalkeeping position and Guaita was on the bench for their season opener with Malaga at the weekend.

However, Law left without being able to do a deal (shock!) and reports in Spain suggest we offered as little as £4-£5m for the keeper, who has a £25m buy-out clause, so it’s no surprise we’ve once again come up short.

Valencia president Amadeo Salva has now come out to declare that they don’t want to sell Guaita, but they will consider any serious offers for him. He told Sky Sports News.

“Guaita is a world class keeper and Valencia has no need to sell. To allow him to go, we would have to study the price,”

“Currently the value is 30 million euros (£25million). At Valencia, what you want is to continue, although his agents have reported that if you are a substitute, you had better find a way out.

“This last point does not sit well with the board. Players can not fall into that temptation to go after every game with this type of attitude.

“If you do not play every week, you have to respect Valencia more.”

Our penny-pinching is getting embarrassing and if these reports of us bidding around £4m are accurate, it’s truly disturbing. Why would we send Law over to Spain to negotiate a deal and bid such a ridiculous amount, then leave as soon as they laughed at us? What a waste of time.

Why not find out beforehand the kind of money Valencia are looking for, just a ball-park figure would have done, then go over to Spain with a reasonable offer and negotiate? We seem to be pissing every club off by submitting derisory bids, unsettling a player, then moving on to the next target.

If Wenger wants Guaita, just table a sensible offer. Although why we don’t just go and slap a £12m bid in for Begovic is beyond me. Maybe that’s too obvious for us….

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  1. Billy bee

    August 21, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    It’s all bollocks week in week out pure bollocks

  2. GoonerBaz

    August 21, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    There is a very simple and easy explanation for all the failed and disgracefully embarrasing bids that Wenger/Law/Gazidis/Board have been making.

    Intentional underbidding.

    Whichever people are to blame, those people are deliberately under-bidding. They do this for parallel reasons. To give Arsenal fans the impression that they are ‘out there’ trying all they can to bring ‘quality’ in but knowing full well that they will then not have to commit any money to new signings because none of our bids will be accepted.

    A perfect example. Gonzalo Higuain. Here we have a player clearly for sale at the right price; a player with a goals to shots conversion rate that is only bettered by Lionel Messi. In short, one of the best strikers La Liga has ever seen with bags of UCL experience. We all know this, clearly Wenger needs no convincing of the Argentines quality. A true marquee signing. Age? Just 25. Winning bid? Napoli – £35m.

    Arsenal baulked. Bidding just £28m.

    But wait, we put in £40m for a massively controversial trouble maker, unavailable for the first 6 games of the season and has extremely little champions league experience, if any? Older than Higuain too.

    Why would they do this? Why bid £40m for (granted a great striker) but one who would cause Arsenal infinite headaches and ultimately leave us at the drop of a hat (Van Persie, Nasri anyone?) Not to mention the fact that we would be without him for one of the most crucial times of the season…. the start.

    Again it’s simple, Arsenal want to look like they mean business with big bids but absolutely do not want to commit big money (or any infact). It is absolutely 100% guaranteed that they knew the exact asking price for Suarez (there are people PAID to find this out at every club) All the things we read in the media from club statements are just song and dance fronts.

    Arsenal knew it would take £50-£55m to prise Suarez from LFC. Hence why they were completely comfortable bidding a whole £12m more than they di for Higuain. £12m which they could have spent on a second player had they won the bid for Higuain.

    Really the fools are us fans. We are the fools for ever having any belief that this club is serious about competeting.

    They are not. Wenger and Gazidis can string together the best speeches and defences of policy and their favourite line ‘doing what we think is right’ but the simple fact is, Arsenal are the only team who have not committed a single penny to strengthening a team which is now on it’s skeleton crew of players.

    How interesting it is though that AFC have been absolutely superb in selling the players deemed not good enough for the team. How interesting that despite their lack of quality, AFC managed to find clubs for almost all of the deadweight and done so in less than half the duartion of the transfer window. Ofcourse this is alos easily explained…. it saves the club more money.

    So stop clinging on to any glint of hope that a big name comes in. NONE will come. Don’t even assume ANY player will come in who is not either free or under the age of 19.

    Instead. KNOW that this club is disgracefully betraying every loyal fan it has. KNOW that come the end of the window ll you can 100% know for sure that you will read on transfers in at AFC is…

    ‘We tried, it was vey difficult, we could not find the quality we felt was good enough for the club. It is important not to focus o who we don’t have but the quality that is already in the team’.

    AC is a disgrace.

  3. GunneRay

    August 21, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    Completely agree GunnerBaz!

    I’ve been saying since the end of last season that Arsenal won’t change. It’s all a big smokescreen to get fans to spend while robbing season ticket holders blind. The worst thing is that they are actually insulting the fans and taking them for a ride that most don’t even want to believe.

    The depth of the deceit this club has gone to are amazing yet, they still manage to operate in this manner?

  4. mystic

    August 21, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Underbid for Suarez
    Underbid for Higuain
    Underbid for Gustavo
    Underbid for Jovetic
    Underbid for Guaita
    Hmmm I think I am beginning to see a common thread, now what is it? I know it will come to me………… 🙂

  5. Prince Joe from Kwara State Nigeria

    August 21, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Imagine all lies formulated by Wenger and his greedy board members headed by Gazidi and Kreonke has been exposed @ last, the fans should not trust Wenger and his greedy board members any more. Wenger knows how to look for money that is why he sold all the star players to rival clubs at the expense of the fans’ hard earned money and time to be at the stadium only to meet a disappointment. The solution now which l have said sometimes ago is to boycott all the matches played at the Emirate until Wenger resign.

  6. @Sir_Khay

    August 21, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    I just wonder why we can’t get Begovic/Cesar, Adil Rami, Fellaini, etc… These players are practically up for sale. This is just too depressing for the fans. Just hoping and praying we get a good result against Fenerbahce. #COYG #ArsenalDNA

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