Barca ‘Paranoid’ Arsenal Will Activate Fabregas Clause As Man Utd Eye Third Bid

By on August 1, 2013

It seems Arsenal’s buy-back clause for Cesc Fabregas is causing a few sleepless nights over in Barcelona and it’s also the reason why the Catalans are refusing to strike a deal with Manchester United, according to reports.

United have already seen two bids rejected by Barca for Fabregas and the newspapers claim today that David Moyes is ready to go back in with one final offer worth £35m plus add ons.

However, it seems that bid is destined to be rejected once again with the Mirror reporting that Barcelona are being forced to reject ALL offers for Fabregas because of our buy-back clause that allows us to re-sign Cesc for just £25m IF Barca agree to sell him to someone else.

So for example, if Barcelona accepted a £40m bid from United, that would allow us to activate our buy-back clause and sign Fabregas for just £25m. Of course any move would be subject to Cesc agreeing to join us over United, but we know he would so that’s irrelevant.

The Mirror also claim that Barcelona have become ‘paranoid’ that we’re ready to use our clause and are just waiting for them to agree a deal with another club before activating it. This would possibly explain why we’ve been so quite throughout the whole Fabregas-To-United saga. Wenger knows we’ve got the clause, he probably also knows Cesc would opt to join us over United, so he’s just sitting back letting it play out and he’ll jump in if needs be.

The boss said this a couple of weeks ago:

‘We have the clause in the contract so we would be on alert. At the moment, Fabregas has decided to stay one more year at Barcelona. That’s what I’ve been told.’

Arsene has said many times that he still keeps in touch with Fabregas so I’m sure he knows the situation better than most. As I’ve said throughout this saga, Fabregas will never join United.

The Mirror’s report also suggests that Barcelona have come up with a cunning plan to circumvent Arsenal’s clause by allowing Fabregas the chance to buy out his own contract for £48m, but that’s just ridiculous and not even worth discussing.

Arsenal fans are rightly slamming the club for their transfer dealings so far this summer, but at least they got something right when they agreed a buy-back clause when we sold Cesc Fabregas two years ago! Hopefully we’ll get to use it some day soon….

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