Higuain Off To Tottenham? Surely Not?!

By on June 27, 2013

With most Gooners eagerly anticipating the seemingly imminent arrival of Gonzalo Higuain, I was slightly surprised to read an article from the Times newspaper today that claimed Real Madrid have offered the striker to Tottenham as part of a player-plus-cash swap deal to try and finally land Gareth Bale.

We’ve been strongly linked with the Argentinean hitman in recent weeks and many newspapers were suggesting over the past couple of days that he was on the verge of completing a £22m move to the Emirates after Juventus dropped their interest in order to sign Carlos Tevez from Manchester City, with talkSPORT even claiming the 25-year-old is in London waiting to undergo his medical.

However, based on the Times article a deal with Arsenal cannot be close to completion, otherwise why would they be trying to use him as a way to land Bale?

The basis of their report claims the Spanish giants are unwilling to meet Tottenham’s £85m price tag for the Welshman so have offered Higuain and left-back Fabio Coentrao, as well as a large unspecified sum, in what would be a tempting player-plus-cash swap deal.

Our interest in Higuain is certain, but let’s say for a second the Times are correct and he’s been offered to Spurs. If they are resigned to loosing Bale (I’m not suggesting they are), no doubt they would jump at the chance to have the Argentinean international in exchange, but would Higuain even consider shelving his proposed move to Arsenal and agree to a move to White Hart Lane instead?

It’s highly doubtful to say the least. They would struggle to afford his wages for one and they can’t offer him Champions League football either. Let’s be honest, he’s also way too good for them, but that hasn’t stopped some Spurs fans trying to wind Gooners up on Twitter by claiming Higuain could now be heading to White Hart Lane (conveniently forgetting  the fact that in order for that to happen they would have to lose monkey-boy).

However, I’m not buying the Times article for one second. In my eyes, it changes very little. Arsenal are still heavy favourites to sign Higuain and I fully expect the deal to be completed in the coming days. But even if we manage to cock this one up somehow, there’s virtually no chance he’ll end up at Spurs anyway.

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Stay calm and be patient Gooners!