Just When You Thought Barca Couldn’t Get Any Lower…

By on July 13, 2010


After Arsenal’s season was finished, I decided to wait until after the World Cup was over to begin posting again. This was mostly because there are 500 Arsenal blogs out there and 2 false transfer rumors making the rounds each day. So, now the World Cup is over and what is the big story in ArsenalLand? The video above. Oh, I’m sure you’ve already seen it. Hell, you’ve probably gagged a few times while watching it or even kicked a stray cat or two afterwards.

Arseblog pretty much nailed it this morning when it comes to my reaction to the video, so I will keep it short and sweet. This is NOT “a joke,” no matter what the Barca fanboys say. I can’t imagine what could possibly be a bigger act of disrespect against our club than this – players who, at the behest of their club, have been trying to destabilize our captain, put him in an impossible position by forcing their own club’s shirt on him during such a public spectacle. I, for one, am absolutely fed up with our beloved club, Arsenal, whose tea lady has more integrity than the entire Barca organization, being treated like this.

It just goes to show that Barca and his “friends” could care less about Cesc. Real friends would not have put him in that kind of position. We all watched as Cesc rode the bench for most of the World Cup behind Busquets and Pedro. How much different would it be at Barcelona? I have to think that Cesc has surely considered this over the last couple of weeks.

To Barcelona, Cesc is a trophy more than a player. They want him back merely so they can say, “We got him back.” I read one Barca fanboy who said that it would be nice to have Cesc come off the bench when they had injury problems. THAT is exactly how Barca view Cesc. At the moment, he is only “necessary” in a public relations sense.

I’m sure it would be one huge lovefest for the first few weeks but the longer he sat on the bench or just played a supporting role, the less the fanboys would care. And in a month or two, he would just be another non-starter that Barca fans would complain about. That’s all. Meanwhile, we all know how he has been treated at Arsenal by club and supporters alike.

And none of this even touches on the incredible pomposity of Barca’s behavior during the close season, sending out dictates in the press regarding what they will be willing to pay for Cesc. They have only grown more indignant as they have come to realize that, unlike them, Arsenal are not in a bad financial situation and cannot be bought off by borrowed money. This close season has shown the true differences between Arsenal and Barcelona as organizations. Arsenal try to protect the integrity of the club and its players at all cost. Barca whore out their players, broke transfer rules, conduct their business in the media.

And now, when they realize that Cesc is not willing to demand a transfer, we get the “We’re skint” story. Because, according to Barca, Arsenal should bow down to whatever Barcelona wants. It’s just symptomatic of Blatter and Platini’s protection of Spanish clubs at the expense of English clubs. They looked the other way when Real used similar tactics to unsettle Ronaldo. The message from FIFA and UEFA is clear: “Barca and Real can do whatever they want.” Meanwhile, English clubs are undergoing intensive investigations over signing youth players.

Barcelona fanboys speak about Cesc “coming home,” but I can’t help but think that it’s kind of like a boy being forced to go live with relatives he hasn’t seen since he was a little boy and so doesn’t know very well, if at all. Arsenal and its supporters love Cesc; Barcelona and its supporters only love the idea of Cesc.