Jorginho staying at Arsenal not ruled out by his agent 

By on March 29, 2024

Jorginho Aaron Ramsdale

Santos, the agent of Jorginho, speaking to Radio Sportiva via Fabrizio Romano, shed light on the Italian midfielder’s future at Arsenal.

Jorginho’s contract expires in the summer, but Arsenal have the option of extending it for another year. The 32-year-old has made an impression for Arsenal this season. He’s been amazing, particularly in pivotal moments.

You can’t talk about the victories over Newcastle (4-1) and Liverpool (3-1) without mentioning how amazing the Italian was. With his composed demeanor and excellent passing, the Jorginho has always dictated the game’s speed and assisted in the breakdown of opposing teams.

His ability to use his experience to coach his teammates, whether while playing with them or when warming up on the sidelines, has also garnered praise.

Calciomercato, an Italian news website, reported the other day that Arsenal had ended contract extension talks with Jorginho. They indicated that Juventus are aware of the issue and may be interested in bringing him back to the Serie A. The Calciomercato story had many people afraid that Jorginho was going to leave Arsenal.

Jorginho could stay

While Gooners speculated that Jorginho might depart, his agent, Santos, has not ruled out staying at Arsenal. He adds that talking with Arsenal over his client’s expiring contract is their main concern. He’ll try to determine whether Arsenal needs his client or not, and regardless, they hope to one day see Jorginho return to play in Italy.

“We will discuss with Arsenal about his contract being due to expire in June; it’s our priority,” said Jorginho’s agent on Radio Sportiva.

“Arsenal have fantastic group, and we will see if they need him for next season.

“(About) Returning to Italy? Why not? One day maybe.”

From Jorginho’s agent’s assertions, the ball is clearly in Arsenal’s court. They will determine whether he continues with them or not. It’ll be interesting to see what they decide regarding Jorginho.

Even with his future in the balance, Jorginho’s presence at Arsenal might be important in the club’s pursuit of silverware, with the Champions League and the Premier League in their sights over the coming weeks.