Leon Bailey says he’s love to join ‘massive club’ Arsenal

By on March 23, 2024

Leon Bailey Aston Villa

Speaking on the Let’s Be Honest Podcast, Aston Villa forward Leon Bailey admitted that at one point in his Premier League career, he’d love to join a ‘big six’ club like Arsenal.

Bailey’s comments should pique the curiosity of Villa and Arsenal fans. Villans must ask themselves, “Look at the league table; we’re fourth and best positioned to finish there; aren’t we a big PL club?” Gooners, on the other hand, must look at Bailey and think, “This could be a good buy.”

That said, the Jamaican international is undoubtedly a top talent. His league statistics—8 goals and 8 assists in 27 games this season—have played a significant role in Villa’s excellent form this season.

Unai Emery has done a terrific job to lead Villa into the top four, perhaps on their way to depriving some of the ‘PL big six’ of a Champions League spot next season.

Bailey on his next step

Bailey, who claims he has always wanted to play in the Premier League, admits he feels comfortable at Villa Park. However, he believes that his next move should be to play for a ‘massive team’ like Arsenal or Chelsea.

He believes this move will shed more light on the potential talent pool in Jamaica. He admits that he has always wanted to thrive there (on the big stage that is the PL), paving the way for more Jamaican talent to be considered for moves to Europe.

“You have big teams in England, they call themselves the big six. The Arsenal’s and the Chelsea’s, for example,” Bailey said.

“It has always been my dream to play in the Premier League and I am right now. Who wouldn’t want to go to a massive team? Especially coming out of Jamaica, do you know how big that is for the country? Especially being who I am as well.

“It would shine more light and that has been my focus whenever overseas.

“It is to use my platform to be able to shine a light on the country and the young talents. It’s difficult for us Jamaicans to even make it to Europe.”

With a contract at Villa Park that runs until 2027, it may be difficult to recruit the 26-year-old, even if he wants to move elsewhere. Baileyis valued around £30m by Transfermarkt but Villa would probably demand more if they were to cash-in.

It’s unclear if Arsenal will be inclined to consider a move for Bailey. But he has the potential to be an excellent signing as he’d provide top class competition for Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli. Maybe Arteta should seriously consider making a move….

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