10 Underrated FC24 Techniques You Should Master

By on March 4, 2024

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Like all FIFA games before it, FC24 is a game which is easy to learn but incredibly tough to master. Through its incredible physics and AI to its tight controls and hidden combos, it’s a game with an iceberg worth of depth in it—keeping players hooked game after game. If you’re looking to up your game, this is the article for you. We’ll take a look at 10 advanced techniques which will help you up your game.

1. The Flair Trap

Corners can be game changers when it comes to football. The flair trap aims to catch the defenders off guard by delaying the cross just a little to ensure it dips before reaching the penalty area, creating a great scoring opportunity for your side.

How? Hold L2/LT during a standing corner kick.

2. The Fake Shot Pass

Dribbling is a mind game as much as it’s about control. Faking out your opponents can be one of the best ways to make space and get in on goal. This fake shot pass is exactly what it sounds like—your player will look like they’re about to shoot, but they’ll instead send off a nice pass. This touch of deception can easily open up space for a real shot.

How? While sprinting flick the right stick in the direction you want to fake then immediately pass.

3. The Cruyff Turn / Drag Back

Named after the Dutch player Johan Cruyff, this is a sneaky dribbling move for when you get bogged down by defenders. It’s a quick 180-degree turn which often catches defenders totally off guard, allowing you to break through.

How? When stationary, hold L2/LT and flick the right stick in the opposite direction you want to turn.

4. The Rabona Cross

This is a more audacious option, worth attempting for both its flamboyance and its goal-scoring potential. It’s especially good to mix in with standard crosses, in order to catch the defence off guard.

How? (This one’s a little tricky) While crossing hold L2/LT and press the right stick in the opposite direction of the kicking foot.

5. The Chip Shot Lob

Cutting through a defensive line requires a variety of tools in order to remain unexpected. One of them should definitely be the chip shot lob. This lifts the ball over defenders, allowing the striker to run onto the ball for a shot.

How? While sprinting on goal hold L1/LB and tap shoot. Keep the shot very light if you want to run onto the ball, otherwise it’ll get too close to the keeper for an easy save.

6. The Jockeying Tackle

While most skills come out when you’re on the ball, there are still plenty of skilful plays to be made off the ball. Defending is one of the primary places for this to occur. The jockeying tackle allows you to stay mobile while remaining close to opponents, allowing you to quickly react to their movements.

How? Simply hold R2/RT when near the attacking player.

7. The First-Time Volley

These can be hard to master as they are notoriously hard to control, but mastering the first-time volley is a surefire way to catch your opponent off guard with an incredibly powerful shot.

How? Simple, when a cross is coming in shoot as soon as the ball arrives, don’t wait for a controlling touch.

8. The Fake Shot Free Kick

Just like corners, free kicks are game changers. But they can be tough to pull off, especially against good opponents. The fake shot free kick can help to throw off your opponent, dupe the wall and, ultimately, get you a goal. The fake shot can be followed up with anything you want, so be ready to quickly follow up.

How? While aiming your free kick, hold L2/LT and press shoot. Then follow up with the actual action you want.

9. Offside Trap

When defending, your best option is sometimes to call an entire attack off with an offside trap. While risky, this can sometimes be a much better option than marking, tackling or chasing down opponents as it not only kills the attack but also gives you back possession.

How? Simply press down on the D-Pad TWICE when defending and your defenders will attempt an offside trap.

Mastering these skills will take some time, in order to build up muscle memory and learn when to use them and when not to, but doing so might well elevate your game. Getting you to the top of the league and FUT. To get there even faster, you can grab some FUT coins. While these skills are good, one of the greatest skills is to experiment; as FC24 has an impressive variety of skills, control, passes and shots available for players willing to learn them!