Football Lucky 15 Betting Guide

By on July 31, 2023

A Lucky 15 is a type of accumulator bet that people use on sports such as horse racing and football. Betting on a Lucky 15 bet essentially means betting on 15 individual bets within 4 fixtures in any sport. These bets are made up of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold. 

When placing a Lucky 15 bet, all stakes must typically be the same. Lucky 15 bets will never provide great payouts; however, they offer a way to greatly reduce risk while gambling for those who aren’t looking to lose as much money or make smaller wins during their gambling session. 

In this article, we are going to go through and fully explain Lucky 15 bets within the context of the sport they are most commonly used for football. We hope that by the end of this article, you will be fully informed about Lucky 15 bets so that you can use this betting strategy in your future gambling sessions. 

How Do Lucky 15 Bets Work?

To place a lucky 15 bet in football, you must select 4 teams you think will win their given fixture. Within these fixtures, 15 bets will be placed. Let’s say, for example, you predict that Newcastle will win, Manchester United will win, Chelsea will win, and Brentford will win. From those matches, you should place the following wagers:

  • Four Single Bets
  1. Newcastle to win. This does not require any other team to win to receive a payout.
  2. Manchester United to win. This does not require any other team to win to receive a payout
  3. Chelsea to win. This does not require any other team to win to receive a payout
  4. Brentford is to win. This does not require any other team to win to receive a payout.
  • Six Double Bets
  1. Newcastle and Manchester United will win. 
  2. Newcastle and Chelsea will win.
  3. Newcastle and Brentford will win.
  4. Manchester United and Chelsea will win.
  5. Manchester United and Brentford will win.
  6. Chelsea and Brentford will win.
  • Four Treble Bets
  1. Newcastle, Manchester United and Chelsea will win
  2. Newcastle, Manchester United and Brentford will win.
  3. Newcastle, Chelsea and Brentford will win.
  4. Manchester United, Chelsea and Brentford will win.
  • One Four-Strong Accumulator
  1. All four teams will win their games.

If only 1 team wins, then you will be paid out 1 single bet. If 2 teams win, you will receive the double bet as well as 2 singles. If 3 teams win, you will receive 1 treble, 2 doubles and 3 singles. Finally, if you are able to predict all 4 winners correctly, then you will enjoy 15 wins made up of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold. 

Why Should I Place Lucky 15 Bets?

Lucky 15 bets allow bettors to spread their stakes across an array of different bets and games. They provide more chances of winning than a classic accumulator and can potentially provide some good payouts. As previously mentioned, you aren’t likely to win big rewards, but Lucky 15 is a safer form of betting which aims to reduce risk. This method can also be used on different bets, such as anytime goalscorer and more, making it a versatile form of betting. 

Lucky 15 bets provide good value as even if you’re not able to predict all games correctly, you can still earn back your stake and potentially even more as long as one or two of the predicted teams win. However, if you are confident in your predictions, it’s no secret that other forms of accumulators can hold greater value, with higher risk, of course. It’s also important to note that due to having to place 15 individual bets, the price of the bet is much higher than other accumulators. Lucky 15 bets come at a higher price and sometimes still hold less value than other bets. 

Where To Place A Lucky 15 Bet

You can place lucky 15 bets at any physical or online bookmaker. Lucky 15 bets are made-up bets, and therefore, you won’t be able to select it. You will have to select all 15 bets individually, which can be time-consuming but is worth it due to the safety they provide. 

Lucky 15 Betting Calculator

With so many different bets and potential winning combinations, it can be very difficult to figure out the required stake to provide the best wins. This is where Lucky 15 bets come into play. Lucky 15 bets will provide you with the potential profit from every combination of wins to ensure you know if the bet is worth placing. 

To use the calculator, simply enter the odds for each of your four team selections, the type of odds, and your stake. The calculator will then work out your potential returns for each of your selections.

For example, if you want to place a bet with a £1 stake and odds of 3/1, 2/1, 2/1, and 1/1, you would enter that information. The calculator will then provide information such as a total stake which would be £15, as well as total return and profit. You can then go through and select the result of each selection to see your return if not every team wins. 

Lucky 15 calculators are very useful. They help bettors refine their betting strategy and place smart bets to reduce risk in an attempt to lock in wins. 


Lucky 15 betting is a very popular form of betting used by mostly veteran bettors to reduce losses when gambling. If one team wins, there is an opportunity to earn back your stake, and if all teams win, there is an opportunity for a big return, with more potential winning combinations in between. We recommend using a betting calculator as they allow players to ensure they are playing the right bet and with the right stake. We hope this article has been informative and that you now have the knowledge to be able to place Lucky 15 bets yourself in the future.