Can Arsenal Repeat their Dream Season?

By on December 16, 2022

Mikel Arteta Arsenal

Arsenal fans have not been this happy in a season for a long time. In previous years, the players of their favorite team caused them a lot of suffering. Arsenal had been cemented in the top four for years but was not a serious contender for the title. In most seasons, the team from London had a huge gap behind the leading teams. This season they can finally rejoice because they are in first place in the Premier League. Going on break due to the World Cup in Qatar was the least liked by Arsenal. Arsenal are currently the leader of the championship with five points more than Manchester City. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a season where Arsenal has just one defeat after 14 games. Many fans did not believe that Arsenal could play like this with Arteta, but now everyone is positively surprised. Arsenal fans immediately remember the 2003/04 season when the Gunners finished the season without a single defeat.

In that season, Arsenal won the title for the last time. Is it time to repeat that season after 19 years? Arsenal has one defeat, but the fans will not protest if the aforementioned title-winning season is repeated. Arsenal has not yet played against Manchester City this season, and we will see what Arsenal can do in that match. If Arsenal were to win and continue to play at this pace, the chances of winning the title are high. On the other hand, if he is defeated in that match, things could go in a different direction. Arsenal are not an experienced side and it is clear that Manchester City has enormous quality, but we have seen that they are vulnerable and not invincible. The generation that won the title in 2003/04 was invincible. At that moment, no one believed that in that season Arsene Wenger would win the last title with Arsenal.

He had a chance to win the Champions League two seasons later, but Arsenal was defeated by Barcelona in the final. All fans remember with great joy May 15, 2004, when they heard the referee’s final whistle. At that moment, the big celebration could begin as Arsenal won the title without a single defeat. Arsenal then had a record of 26-12-0. Arsenal from that season had all the qualities that a team with championship ambitions should have. The story of that team started a season earlier. Arsenal then lost to Leeds at Highbury and instead of that stadium, the title went to Old Trafford. Arsenal players were desperate and could not hide their disappointment. Losing the title is painful in itself, and for the fans, that situation was even more painful because their great rival won the cup.

In that season, Arsenal defended the title that Manchester United took away from them at the end of that season. Only great teams can recover from such a shock and it was the team led by Arsene Wenger who managed to do just that. The recovery from the previous season was remarkable. After that season, Arsenal brought in several new players. Jens Lehmann, Gael Clichy, and Cesc Fabregas arrived in London. Those players contributed to Arsenal gaining additional quality. That team was led by Thiery Henry, who was the team’s best scorer. Ten on the jersey was worn by the legendary Dennis Bergkamp. The fearless Patrick Viera played next to him in the middle of the field. Not many important things happened that summer. David Seaman left the club in his later years and moved to Manchester City. Several players went on loan. Arsenal did not have the best start to the championship season.

In the first game of the season, in which the two best teams from England traditionally meet, Manchester United defeated Arsenal. The defeat in the Community Shield did not give the fans hope that they could take revenge on their great rival for losing the title. In the rest of the season, Arsenal will write history. In the sixth round, Arsenal visited Old Trafford and was very close to another defeat against United. Ruud van Niesterloj had a chance to win at the end of the match, but he hit the crossbar from the penalty spot. With that draw, Arsenal kept the first position in the table. Arsenal remained in that position until Christmas and after Boxing Day. They started the new year with a draw against Everton at Goodison Park. After that match, Arsenal did not lose for two months. The Gunners have won nine in a row.

After that series, Manchester United came to Highbury. Arsenal again failed to beat their great rival, but they were not defeated either. After that match, there were still eight games left until the end of the championship, and Arsenal was still undefeated. Journalists in England had plenty to write about. Henry led the team in a great way. Everyone praised the flurry of Arsenal’s play. The defense was commanded by the famous Sol Kempel. The solid defense represented an impenetrable bulwark for all their opponents. It was impossible to give that team more than one goal. This happened in a rare number of cases. Viera won duels with opposing players in the middle of the field like no other. Ljungberg broke through brilliantly and Pires brought the necessary creativity to the team. Arsenal terrorized all rivals that season.

Bergkamp, ​​who had a great fear of flying, did not contribute much in the Champions League, but in the Premier League, he delighted the fans with his lucidity. Henry was on his way to repeating the achievement of the previous season when he was the top scorer. That season, Arsenal lost to London rivals Chelsea in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. In the FA Cup, United was eliminated by Arsenal in the semi-finals. Those defeats did not sway Arsene Wenger’s men to continue their championship campaign. Arsenal got revenge on Leeds for stealing the title and sent them home with five goals in the net. Arsenal won the title on the field of another great rival. Arsenal did not beat Tottenham at White Hart Lane, but a draw was enough for them to win the title. There were still four games left in the season, but the players were feeling the pressure of having a chance to go undefeated that year.

Arsenal managed to remain unbeaten against Birmingham in London. In the next match, Portsmouth led at halftime against the Gunners, but Arsenal played a draw for the third time. The streak of draws was ended by Arsenal against Fulham at their home ground. In the last round, Arsenal played against Leicester, who had already been relegated from the league. Leicester led in that game after the first half. In the second half, Arsenal made a turnaround and the team made history. The whole world then sympathized with the boys in red and white jerseys. That team was particularly romantic. The players fought seriously. They didn’t play dirty, and off the field, they were real gentlemen. They won some games before the opponent even took the field because they instilled fear in their bones. 18 years later, Arsenal once again has a team that is at the top of the table, and the fans are hoping that the aforementioned season could be repeated. In that season, it would be a real shame not to buy Arsenal tickets because you will potentially miss out on watching the new champion generation of the team from London.