Football betting at Bitcoin casinos – this is how it works

By on June 18, 2022

In 2022, all the betting casinos are adopting cryptocurrencies as the main method for transactions and people are loving it. Things are getting digital, and gamblers have started preferring online casinos and crypto casinos instead of the real casinos and fiat currency to play with. When it comes to sports betting, gamblers love to watch the games while making their bets. Among all the games, football is one of the sports that not only has a high viewership but also has a very huge interest from all players who like to bet.

The connection between the football betting industry and the bitcoin casino is one of the best collaborations that the gamblers really asked for. To turn your betting into excitement and enjoyment then you can also shift from boring gambling games to football betting. Here are some of the online bitcoin casino websites on which you can find a variety of options for football sports betting.

How Football betting works at Bitcoin casino

Sports betting is quite different from the other betting games and categories. Football betting is not only based on luck, but gamblers need to have enough knowledge about the players, their past records, and past winnings to make better predictions. Here is a guide for you to understand how crypto and bitcoin currency works at casinos.  Hopefully after reading this article you will improve your chances of winning big when you bet on Arsenal.

How to bet on football using Bitcoin

As per the experts of kasinoutansvensklicens.com, some casinos that really care about their players provide the option to make direct bets from the crypto wallet. In this way, only the person who owns the account will be able to make accounts, and no one will have any access to the funds you have.

Here is how you can place bets on any football match through Bitcoin:

  • Get yourself a crypto wallet and add in the bitcoins that you have in it.
  • If you don’t have any, then after making a wallet, you can buy any crypto coin you like directly from there.
  • You can buy crypto through your credit card or from the BitPay app.
  • Then go to the football betting site
  • Select crypto as the currency
  • Place the bet, and it’s time to roll in the game and enjoy some wins.

How to place bets with Bitcoin through BitPay Card

If you already have a BitPay card or if you want to place bets through a BitPay card, then it is the most convenient option that is reliable. BitPay Card works in a similar way, just like debit and credit cards. You do not have to take out funds or crypto from your wallets and then load them up in the casino’s e-wallet.

All you need is a BitPay Card application, and you can make the transactions in just a few seconds. The maximum load and the maximum withdrawal that you can do with the card is $10,000 in one day, which is quite high, so you will not be facing any problems. This is only an alternative effective method that the players prefer. If you don’t want to, then the best way is to just get a crypto wallet and use it as the platform and buy and sell the cryptocurrencies.

Play safely with cryptocurrencies

Football betting requires focus and attention, and sometimes when players play with fiat currency, they have to divert the focus toward the transaction process too. With Bitcoin casinos, the safety and reliability are far higher in comparison to other currency methods.

We would definitely give one of our opinions, never give your wallet credentials and password to anyone. As they can spend the money on your behalf. Football betting is exciting, due to which sometimes the gamblers end up losing a huge amount of money. Try to bet the amount that you are willing to lose. Try to play with strategies rather than your emotions and feelings towards any team or player.


Benefits of using bitcoin for football betting

Playing with Bitcoin has its own benefits that you cannot enjoy with any other method. Here are some of these features that you can only enjoy with crypto in football betting.

Fast payment method

Playing with cash always requires you to connect your bank account with the casino. Once the bank is involved in the transaction process, then it will surely take at least one day to transfer the payments. When it comes to Bitcoin, there is no connection between banks, so you can deposit and withdraw your wins which will take just a few minutes.

Privacy time

Football betting is all about fun and games with a chance to win a high amount. With entertainment, if you have to worry about security, authenticity, and fair gameplay instead of winning, then that entertainment is not worth it. With Bitcoin as your core currency payment and betting stake, you do not have to worry about anything except for the gameplay.

People love betting with bitcoin due to the privacy and security they get. The players are not asked to add in any personal information, nor are they asked for verification if they chose Bitcoin to play with. All you need is a password and bitcoin address, and you are good to go.

Play without location restrictions

Online casino websites have a specific location. The limitations are mostly because of the payment options, as the casino websites only have limited banking options. There are many websites that work in different countries and have multiple banking options and currencies. When it comes to the bitcoin casino, you can play on any website without any restriction on the location.

Also, there is no limitation when it comes to playing on the device; you can enjoy it on your mobile phone, on your desktop, and laptop.

Here are two important tips to bet with Bitcoin

Football betting with bitcoin is very famous at this time, and a lot of gamblers have shifted towards it in recent years. Regardless of how much of an expert you are or a beginner, you surely need some tips and help so that you can have some big wins in the near future.

Play with knowledge

A lot of gamblers get attracted to major leagues such as FIFA and Premier League even when they have zero knowledge of the game. To have some wins, never get attracted to a game that you have zero knowledge of.

On sports betting sites, there is always a list of upcoming games and matches. Select the one that you have knowledge about. Further bet on the players that you know through past records and statistics. In sports betting, it is not a game of luck; it surely depends on the player making the right decision by using knowledge.

Bankroll in Bitcoin casinos

As per the experts of sports betting, players need to manage their bankroll efficiently. Only keep the amount in the wallet that is for the purpose of betting. Don’t keep your savings and extra amount in it as you might end up spending everything.

A short look into football betting with Bitcoin

Football betting is all about enjoying without the hassle of payment and transaction methods. There are no restrictions on betting and staking money, so do what you feel like and play games with strategies. Remember that a good gambler always knows when to stop.