6 facts about slots that you didn’t know about

By on April 22, 2021

If you have ever been to a casino, then you know about slot machines. These bright-coloured and loud contraptions are an exciting way to win that jackpot you’ve always wanted. These machines are loved by many people and hated by some. They are found in any casino whether land-based or online.

With the universe of online gaming constantly evolving, many people still use the veteran slots like Microgaming, Leo Vegas, and Playtech slots to play. With Microgaming being the first then followed by Playtech, many more slots have been invented that are exciting and add thrill to your gaming life. As the saying goes, old is gold. But should we stick to old is gold and forget that new is exciting? RTP slot machines are one of the most exciting slots to play. Whether you are an amateur or a pro player at slots, this machine will be fun to play with and you may even win that jackpot. We have compiled for you some facts about these slots that we are sure you didn’t know.

Slots are random

All land-based and online slots use the Random Number Generator (RNG) to generate numbers randomly. The resulting numbers are the winning numbers. This means that whether you try to make sense of the numbers or even try to create a pattern for them, these numbers are always random. This fact rules out the myth that slot machines are ‘due’ for a payout.

Slots return up to 90% of the money

Although slots account for a notable amount of revenue to the casino, they can still payout 90% or even more of the money taken in. High RTP slot games can even have a 99% payout. This is a thrilling fact to players. Slots are fun to play but even more exciting when they payout. Playing slot machines like RTP can be both exciting and paying. So the next time you go to play slots, remember that a lot of money will be payed out and you might just be the lucky winner.

There are slots pro

As we earlier stated that slots use RNG to determine the winning numbers, you might think that there are no pro players. Well, there are. Some slots professionals rate the existing slot machines, discuss tips for machines that provide a strategic component, and even talk about the odds of winning. As much as the tips and odds given by these professionals seem convincing and correct, they are not guaranteed.

Land-based slots pay out more than online slots

This is evident, yet just concerning certain machines. Numerous slot machines are set rates of about 80%. Be that as it may, numerous online machines have fixed odds which means you have similar odds with every twist. The two things are not the equivalent, so it very well may be the situation that machines pay out additional in a club, however, a whole lot lower wins than with online slots.

Where you play will determine how you win

Some shady online sites have decreased the odds of winnings so that they can earn much more in their sites. This is possible because it all works under a set algorithm. So to win more, make sure you pick a legitimate site or a machine. Legitimate casinos both land-based and online subscribe to a code of practice that guides them and . Shady sites don’t have these codes hence the reason you might lose more when playing with them.

Slots invention

The first slots machine was built between the years 1887-1891 by Charles Fey. It was called the Liberty bell. It was soon followed by other inventions mostly the fruit machines that are still played today in the casinos.

Now that you know some of these exciting facts, why don’t you start playing slots today? Designed to entertain and also make you some money, playing slots will be the best way for you to spend your free time. If you are new to gambling, learning a few tips and tricks about betting will surely help. You can start by playing the free demo mode before advancing to playing with your money. Also, you can play the free spins and enjoy the game all these inclusively available at any RTP slots machine.