Football Betting Trends To Consider When Wagering

By on February 11, 2021

Many football bettors use trends when making their betting decisions as they are one of the easiest factors to consider but not everyone believes in their benefits.  While some think they are virtually useless, others believe that trends are a vital strategy to use in your football betting.

The reality is, betting trends can only be useful when used effectively. However, bettors can still strategize their betting game without considering any trends or patterns. This shows us that the use of trends in betting will vary greatly from person to person.

If you are planning to use trends as a guide in your football betting decisions, here are the trends that you should look for.

Home Field Advantage

The home-field advantage is the most evident trend in football. Statistically, teams who play at their home ground are more likely to win the game. One reason for this is that home teams are playing in an environment that they are familiar with. Another factor is that away teams have to travel before the game, which may affect their performance.

Another vital factor of the home-field advantage is the fans. The cheers of the fans echoing throughout the stadium can boost the home team’s morale, positively affecting how they play. The importance of fans has been highlighted over the past year as the home-field advantage has dropped considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic after fans were banned from attending games.

This only proves that the crowd has a huge impact on how a team performs, especially when they are on their home ground and with the crowd cheering for them in the stands.

Underdogs Are Showing More Edge

Unlike all other sports, underdogs are more likely to win a game in English football. Analysts say that English football produces more upsets than any other sport out there. Underdogs in English football are winning more compared to baseball, basketball, and hockey.

Bettors should use this information when deciding on their bets as the games are so much more competitive in the Premier League and English Football League compared to those in European league’s such as Ligue 1.

Favourite Usually Covers The Spread

A favourite covering the spread has a higher chance than the underdog winning against the spread. If you are betting against the spread, it is best to bet for the favourites to have a high profiting chance.

It is best to check the spread regularly to know if there have been any changes. There are so many sportsbooks that efficiently update their spreads, such as https://sportsbook.fanduel.com/sports who are one of the most trusted websites for sports betting.

Understanding The Trends

There are two types of trends: situational trends and betting trends. Situational trends, as the name suggests, is based on situational circumstances, such as the earlier mentioned home-field advantage.

Recognising this type of trend will require you to look back in history to pin-point a specific pattern that links to the team’s performances that results in a specific situation. You will need in-depth research to be able to successfully benefit from situational trends.

When you see a pattern and are confident about it, you can use it to your advantage by strategizing your betting. Remember that your goal is to uncover information that can help you understand how teams perform in every possible situation. You can use past performances to help you determine future performances.

On the other hand, the betting trends are based on the amount of money paid in sportsbooks or betting sites. This type of trend is very helpful if you want to know where most of the public’s money or the smart money is going.


Taking these situations into account will help you choose the right team to bet on. You can also use this to strategize in all of your sports betting endeavours, not just for football games. Almost all games have the same components, and this strategy might work in other sports as well.