How to Make Money on Surebets

By on July 13, 2020

Do you want to get regular income from sports betting without losing your money? If yes, you would definitely be interested in surebets. 

Definition of Surebet

Surebet is an example of sports arbitrage when a bettor makes a bet on opposing outcomes of the same event with different bookmakers and gets sure profit despite the result of the event.  

This strategy gives you an opportunity of making up to 15% of the total amount of bets per month. Pretty good business should admit!   

You obviously fail to figure out the ins and outs of the process from all of the above, which is why we offer you a clear example to estimate the efficiency of surebets. 

Example of Surebet 

Let’s say we have 1.9 for TU2.5 on Arsenal — Chelsea with Bookmaker1, and 2,4 for ТO 2.5 with Bookmaker 2. The bankroll is $500: $280 we bet on ТU 2.5 and $220 on TO 2.5. Now let’s do the math:

  1. if the match ends with 2 scores and more (ТU 2.5), we get 280*1.9 = $532.00. Total — 32$ net profit.
  2. If the match ends with 3 scores and more (ТO 2.5), we get 220*2.4 = $528.00. Total — 28$ net profit.

Under either outcome of the match Arsenal — Chelsea we get at least $28 net income. And that is only one match. Imagine how many of those you can bet throughout the day! However, finding and estimating surebets is no easy feat. 

Identification of Surebet 

One should possess certain skills to independently search for sports arbitrage. Furthermore, this process is pretty time-consuming, which results in losing sizable revenue share for many bettors. 

Now there is no need to keep off betting since surebet scanners exist to assist pros with this no easy task. Their main objective is to provide a relevant list of surebets, analyzing dozens or even hundreds of bookmaker lines worldwide. 

BetBurger is a leader in the market. The scanner gathers information on 254 bookmakers within 33 sports in Live and Prematch. After a thorough data review, the scanner gives out the surebet list to the customers. 

With the help of a user-friendly calculator, customers can estimate their bets in a couple of clicks. Recording all bets made is possible with a built-in Accounting option. 

Among other useful options, the Arb Helper extension stands out. Get navigated from the calculator right to the event or even bet slip in one click.

The list of BetBurger functional capabilities goes on – many other tools for working with surebets, how-to articles and much more information can be found on their website. 


Nowadays more and more bettors opt for sports arbitrage, which is quite logical since it really pulls in big cash.  

Anyway, if you aim to multiple your earnings in this sphere, use only a high-quality surebet scanner.

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