How to install artificial football turf?

By on May 26, 2020

Getting an artificial football turf installed can be considered as one of the best investments that you can do. It will provide all the support and assistance that you need to provide better playing conditions and practicing capabilities for the players. You will fall in love with all the benefits that will be sent on your way.

Here are the steps that are associated with the installation of a synthetic grass football field.

–         Off-loading the football grass rolls

Before starting the installation process, it is important to offload the grass rolls and place them in appropriate locations. It is better to take a look at the color, pile height, and stitch ratio offered by grass.

–         Sewing the grass panels

Once the grass panels are in place, it is possible to sew them. Artificial grass comes in the form of rolls. You will be able to roll out them throughout the width of the football field. At the time of doing this, it is essential to lay them in a way so that one overlaps with the other one by around 50mm.

When you take a look at the artificial football turfs, you will notice that one end is trimmed along with a sharp carpet knife. This will provide a straight seam. On the other hand, it is possible to find a clean joint on the left. You will then be able to fold back the rolls and lay the seaming tape. The seaming tape has a width of around 300mm.

–        Mixing two-part adhesive

An electric drill can be used to get the job done. Along with that, there is a possibility to ensure consistency as well. Adhesive will then be applied to the seaming tape with the assistance of a machine that spreads glue. You can pick the spreading rate according to the requirements. However, it would help if you made sure that there are no excessive overspills of glue at the base.

You should continue this process until the entire football field is covered.

–         Installing the decorative markings and field markings

Now you have done all the installation work. Hence, it is time to proceed to the next stage, where you install the decorative markings and field markings. First of all, you need to shear the respective areas with the help of a hot melt. The Shearing process is quite similar to shaving. What differs from it is that you are vacuuming out the loose fibers afterwards to get the job done.

Then you will be able to apply the adhesives with seaming tape with the assistance of a particular machine that spreads glue. That will help make it in an effective manner. You can make sure that there aren’t any excessive material overspills at the turf as well.

You should then carefully unfold the new colored lines to the seaming tape. Along with that, you should weigh them until the adhesive is fully cured.

These are the steps that should be followed at the time of getting a synthetic grass football field installed. You will be able to get the job done on your own or seek the assistance of an external entity while ensuring positive results at all times.

Where to purchase artificial football turf?

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