82% of UK Football Fans Willing To Work For Their Teams Main Rival

By on January 18, 2019

What do football fans love more, the sport or their team? Specialist recruitment website Jobsinfootball.com wanted to find out the answer to this question, so they asked their Facebook followers the question – “You are offered your dream job, with a fantastic salary, at a Football Club. The club is your favourite teams main rival. Would you accept?”

The poll ran for a week and in the end 82% of 250 people said that they would accept a job at their team’s rival club – perhaps somewhat surprising considering how fierce some rivalries can be. Some followers commented that football “meant more than any one club.” Those who said that they would not accept the job showed loyalty to their clubs and labelled the yes voters as “snakes!” An interesting albeit slightly bitter dispute!

Some rivalries are renowned throughout the world, and be it Arsenal vs Tottenham, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Manchester United vs Liverpool or Rangers vs Celtic, they can be as fierce as they are exciting. It would seem however that it is the great game that the fans hold dear, club loyalty evokes interesting debate but ultimately it is the sport that people are fans of.

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