Arsenal legend names the one thing that will halt Tottenham’s rise to the top

By on November 2, 2017

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has admitted he’s jealous of Tottenham after they beat Real Madrid but claims their strict wage structure could prevent them from becoming a title-winning team.

Spurs have been getting praise from all corners of the globe after beating the reigning European champions 3-1 in their Champions League group stage clash at Wembley last night.

The result saw our north London rivals book their place in the knockout stages of the competition for only the second time in their history and many feel its now announced Spurs as one of the European heavy-weights.

Ian Wright certainly seems to feel that way, as the former Arsenal striker turned pundit has admitted he’s frightened by Tottenham’s emergence and is even jealous of the direction our bitter rivals are heading.

Our former all-time record goal-scorer believes the young Spurs squad has the potential to push on to even greater things, however, he suggests their strict wage structure could see the squad break up unless Daniel Levy pays them the going rate.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5Live, Wright is quoted by the Mirror as saying:

“I have always been afraid of the Tottenham emergence because it has been coming,”

“Since Pochettino got there it has been steadily rising and rising and the only thing you feel is going to hold them back, is will Daniel Levy pay the players the kind of money that is going to keep them there?

“That is all it is going to come down to. This is a great manager with great, young, ambitious players.

“They are not fly by night players, they look like the real deal. The result against Real Madrid, they hammered them and it’s a team that still has a lot more to give.

“As an Arsenal man, it is a frightening prospect seeing their progression, it really is. Jealousy does come into it.”

Let’s be honest. Obviously it’s not easy for Arsenal fans to sit and watch Spurs beat Madrid while we’re preparing to host Red Star in the Europa League on a Thursday night.

Our rivals have been steadily improving for years and this is certainly the best squad they’ve every had in the Premier League era, so I get why some fans are panicking.

However, let’s all remember they have won NOTHING yet. Spurs have just one League Cup to their name in the last decade, haven’t won a major trophy since the FA Cup in 1991 and haven’t lifted the title in over 55 years!

So let’s all calm down. Yes, this Tottenham team is impressive right now while Arsenal seem to be stagnating, but they are just one point above us in the league and the chances are they won’t win anything again this season.

And Wright is spot on, their wage structure will be their ultimate down fall. It’s only a matter of time before the likes of Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Alderweireld, etc, go after the big wages on offer elsewhere.

Then when Pochettino jumps shit, we can all get back to laughing at Tottenham as they fall back to where they belong.

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