Wenger ‘reaches agreement’ with Arsenal board, boss to sign 1-year deal

By on March 19, 2017

Arsene wenger

According to an ‘exclusive’ report in the Express, Arsene Wenger has agreed to sign a new one-year deal following talks with the Arsenal board over his future.

Wenger’s contract is due to expire in June and pressure intensified on him to walk away from the club following another disastrous performance at West Brom yesterday.

The 3-1 defeat was our sixth loss in nine games and just about everyone in football, let alone just Arsenal fans, feels the time has finally come for Wenger to end his 21-year reign in north London.

The Frenchman teased us after telling reporters after the game on Saturday that he had decided his future and would let people know ‘very soon’. Wenger is quoted as saying by the Express:

“I know what I will do so you will know very soon.”

The majority assumed that Wenger had decided to leave as it would be crazy to announce he’s staying at this present time given our recent results.

However, according to the Express, Wenger is set to infuriate the fans by signing a new one-year contract following talks with the board.

The newspaper says that while Arsene was initially offered a two-year extension earlier in the season, a compromise has now been reached that will see Wenger stay on for one more year.

If this report is true and he does pen a new deal, the backlash isn’t going to be pleasant and I fear the atmosphere around the club is going to get even more toxic.

I would be gobsmacked if Wenger does end up staying as his position has become untenable. The players are no longer playing for him and the majority of fans want him gone.

However, if this Express exclusive is accurate, then to me it looks like the board believed Wenger would guide us to another comfortable top four finish and stay on for another two years.

But given our implosion in recent weeks, it seems they’ve now decided that a one-year deal is best as it will give then time to plan for his departure next summer.

If that turns out to be the case, then it’s another example of gross mismanagement from the hierarchy and as I’ve been saying for months, Wenger is just part of the problem at Arsenal right now.

We need a fresh start from top to bottom but unfortunately Wenger is the man who’s taking the brunt of the abuse and I fear we’ll still have familiar issues under a new manager once he does eventually leave.


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  2. Cheadle

    March 19, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Sit tight people, no need to lose our heads. Re-calibrate our objective for this season and focus on it! Have conviction. I know the run-in is tough but strong characters are forged through adversity.

  3. Gunner Smith

    March 19, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Really?Since Arsenal last won the epl,the top teams like Chelsea,Pool /Mu and MC have changed at least two to four managers.
    Anyway what s so great about Wenger who seems to be immune from the axe despite gross underperforming the last ten to 12 years.
    His predictable style is making Arsenal the sick man of the epl and cl.
    Arsenal are a premium brand soccer which has been allowed to deteriorate by the fm despite his good intentions. He is too proud to learn from others and that’s why the defence was repeatedly ripped to pieces by BM.
    Its better the gunners don’t get any Euro completion for a few seasons .Otherwise they will be perennial whipping boys for theb big teams and Wenger shd be held accountable.\
    I agree w ith 90% of fans who say he shd leave asap.

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  5. Nicky

    March 21, 2017 at 1:30 am

    If Arsene Wenger and Arsenal board tries it, God Almighty will pusnish them. Is not their fault but i blame Arsenal fans in London that still go to the stadium to watch matches.

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