49-year-old favourite fuels speculation he’ll replace Wenger at Arsenal

By on February 18, 2017

Juventus boss Max Allegri has fuelled speculation that he could replace Arsene Wenger in the Arsenal hot seat this summer.

Wenger has come under intense pressure to end his 21-year reign in north London following our humiliating 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in our Champions League last-16 tie on Wednesday night.

The Frenchman is out of contract at the end of the season and a growing number of fans, ex players and pundits are now calling on Wenger to walk away rather than sign the new two-year extension that’s reportedly on the table.

Allegri is many bookmakers favourite to take over should Wenger leave and the 49-year-old has once again fuelled the speculation after jokingly asking reporters how good his English is following last night’s 4-1 win over Palermo.

The Juvenus coach is quoted as saying by the Mirror:

“How’s my English?”

“I started learning before Milan, now I’ve left it. They say I’ll go to Arsenal? You all say that, I just listen.”

This isn’t the first time Allegri has fanned the flames as he has twice refused to rule out a move to Arsenal this summer in recent weeks while many national newspapers have reported that he’d be keen on the job if it became available.

Allegri is on course to winning his third consecutive Serie A title at Juve while he also won it at AC Milan so he certainly has the credentials needed to replace Wenger if he does walk this summer.

We need an established name who’s got experience of being at a huge club, dealing with big name players and has the character to stamp his own authority on Arsenal with immediate effect, and Allegri ticks the boxes.

It’s certainly going to be interesting to see who we got for if Arsene does leave with Borussia Dortmund chief Thomas Tuchel also seemingly in the running, but I just hope we don’t try and be too clever in finding the ‘next Wenger’ and go with an established name.


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  2. Omiat

    February 18, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    Arsenal is ok! But only the defence, wenger should leave thinking that gabrel,mondreal and gibbs can do well for arsenal let him just sell those people and get good defenders if he wants to win any trofy for arsenal,if no he should never do a mistake of putting them once on a pitch because they can not manage to defened tight games with pressure.

  3. Chibuzo

    February 18, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    ARSENE Please Leave!

    Wenger You have done the best you could. We appreciate the glorious years when passion was burning like fire in your guts and the trophies and records streamed in. But you have lost it. You football strategies and tactics has become a play thing for even second division sides. There is no top class coach you have dominated his side in rivalry in the past ten years. It speaks volumes of who you are. You are not flexible. You are too rigid to change and change is key to winning new challenges. We know the Arsenal Management will not like to change you because THEY ARE NOT SOCCER LOVERS. THEY ARE BUSINESSMEN! Stan Kroenke does not talk about performance. He talks about profits. That is all he cares about. Thats why he has franchise in basketball, football, Baseball, and any other ball you can imagine, so long it is bringing in cash. But we love this game. We love Arsenal. Arsenal Is Too Big for her fans to lovingly endure the shame they have endured for twelve years. We have become a laughing stock. What is the need for being a soccer fan who cannot brag? it is pointless. Wenger if you sign that contract extension, it simply means that for the past twelve years, it is not love that had kept you at Arsenal but Money, just like the Management that hired you. It simply means that all these years, Wenger, you have been selling us a dummy. We are not asking you to go because you are not good. No, we are begging to you to go to allow Change that may change our prospects of the last twelve years. The Champions league and Premiership has become elusive irredeemably under you and only a mad man, does the same wrong things over and over again. Lets try for change, even if it hurts, it cant hurt more than the hurt we are feeling now. Arsene, on behalf of the heartbroken souls in Arsenal, we beg you to leave and thank you once again, for those awesome years.

  4. Theophilus

    February 18, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Arsene Wenger please leave Arsenal team for us ,your strategies or style of playing is no longer helpful to the team .We want Change in our team in order to bring the best out of Arsenal.It’s such a bad experience to see a team like Arsenal to go trophiless for the past 12 years.We appreciate your service in Arsenal Football Club but your time is over.

  5. Chibuzo

    February 18, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    Meanwhile, below is a short reminder of the clubs that have humiliated us so far:
    1. Arsenal 2 Olympiakos 3, in 2015 UCL
    2. Chelsea 5-0 in 1988
    3. AC Milan 4-0 in 2012
    4. Bolton 2-1 in 2011, that ended title chase
    5. Man City 6-3 in 2013
    6. Bradford 3-2 in 2012, to beat Arsenal to League Cup
    7. 2-3 to Tottenham at Home, in 2010 EPL
    8. 0-1 to Blackburn (2nd Div) at home, 2013 FA Cup quarter finals
    9. 1-2 to Birmingham, in 2011 League Cup Final
    10. Man United 6-1 in 2001 EPL
    11. Liverpool 5-1 in 2014 EPL
    12. Tottenham 5-1, in 2008 League Cup
    13. Arsenal 1 Monaco 3, in 2015 Last sixteen
    14. Chelsea 6-0, in 2014 EPL
    15. Man United 8-2, in 2011 EPL

  6. Bamidele

    February 18, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Wenger keep saying i luv Arsenal,is dat wat u kal luv? For 12yrs plus our rivals av turn us into a laughin stock.if indeed u luv arsenal,pls walk away 4 sum1 else to come in and effect a change.those who are sayin if Wenger leaves,wat happen 2 Man U may happen 2 Arsenal,bt i want 2 ask,wil Wenger stay as a coach 4ever? Wont he b weak sumday n retire? Wont anoda person come on whn he retired? So y dnt we face our biggest fear n challenge n effect dis change once n 4 all…WENGER OUT

  7. Malaysian gunner

    February 20, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    Arsenal have been turned into an epl laughing stock.The other managers are too kind to rub the salt in. After all it suits them to have Arsenal as a mediocre team despite having vast resources.
    The repeated big losses cannot be defended and are deemed criminal. At any other top club, he would have been axed years ago.
    He is deluded if he can make Arsenal challengers again. After all he has failed and failed repeatedly despite being given more time than most managers.
    The best option is for him to leave before he is summarily sacked.