Jose Mourinho has yet another embarrassing dig at Arsene Wenger

By on November 21, 2016

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has launched another embarrassing attack on Arsene Wenger after feeling the need to once again bring up the Arsenal bosses trophy record.

Wenger and Mourinho have a well-known public dislike for one-another with the two men locking horns a number of times over the years but the so-called ‘Special One’ has developed an unhealthy obsession with his old foe.

During his pre-match press conference before Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Old Trafford, Mourinho cried to reporters that Wenger is shown more respect by the media despite the fact he won the title 18 months ago.

Mourinho has now taken another shot at the Gunners boss by once again claiming that Wenger hasn’t won the title in 14 years [it’s 12 actually] and suggests that he is held to a higher standard than the Frenchman due to the success he’s had.

Jose has been quoted by the Mirror as saying:

“The Arsenal manager hasn’t won a championship in 14 years. I haven’t won a championship in 18 months. He, in 14 years, failed to build a team to be champion.

“I’ve been here for four months. And the demand is only for me and not for others.”

“It must be because of the career I’ve made. Because I got to the clubs and always won right away.

“And this is a more difficult reality, because it is an extremely difficult competition, with teams being prepared for a lot longer, with excellent players, with excellent coaches.

“Manchester really live in a period that needs stability. A stability that the club wants to give me, a stability that the club gives me, a stability that the fans give me, but that the press does not accept very well.”

I mean seriously, the guy needs help. There’s hating someone and then there’s having an unhealthy obsession and Mourinho most certainly has the latter with Wenger.

Mourinho can go on about success and trophies all he wants but the fact is, he’s jealous of the support Wenger has been shown at Arsenal. Jose is DYING to have a board that backs him like we’ve done with Wenger.

Mourinho is a winner, you can’t deny it because of his record, but there is also a reason he doesn’t last longer than 3 years at any top club and that’s because he’s a total bellend who divides the dressing room and ultimately makes his job untenable.

He also spends vast fortunes to buy his trophies and couldn’t care less about the future of the club at which he manages.

Mourinho has spent more in 6 months at Old Trafford than Wenger’s net spend has been for the last 12 since he won the title unbeaten. So no sh*t mate, you should be held to a higher standard because owners want to see an immediate return on their HUGE investment.

Wenger has built a club from the ground up, build a new stadium and done it all while keeping us in profit and in the Champions League for 18 consecutive years. That is worth 10 titles that Mourinho has bought.


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  2. opportunist

    November 21, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Pure lack of ambition! Stadium+UCL attendance for 18yrs> 10 trophies. Some priority issues u got man! Lol

  3. opportunist

    November 21, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Leicester, without a beautiful stadium+ 18yrs UCL won EPL last season. Enough of the excuses please!

  4. sirajuddin sulaiman

    November 22, 2016 at 3:16 am

    Maybe not 10 titles, surely its worth 3 titles figuratively speaking. Yes, must admit that Ranieri did very well last season, built a decent team around Drinkwater-Kante-Mahrez-Vardy. He built a very decent team at Chelsea before ‘The Arrogant One’came and stole the thunder. He did that with Real Madrid too.

    He was a winner but no more. Just classless he is..

  5. Victor Kay

    November 22, 2016 at 5:50 am

    This is a very beautiful and balanced article. I have always maintained that Mourinho is not a good manager but a gambler. He read psychology and that’s why he keeps on playing mind games that people are getting sick of. He takes away attention from his ineptitude by blaming other managers, players, doctors. FA, and even the weather. He is a spendthrift who keeps buying players and fail to add value to them and eventually sell or loan them out. Some fans sometimes forget that football itself is a business and you must balance your books. It is easier to come first like Leicester than to remain there as we are finding out now; that’s why Arsene Wenger has to respected for sticking to his principles of raising teams that play entertaining football and also playing Championship league for twenty years of his service. Mourinho is simply jealous and ought to be ignored and that is why the press that built him up are now being careful about the accolades they pour on him. He now blames the media for not giving him respect like they do to Arsene Wenger, forgetting that that respect is earned and not bought. Mourinho lacks decorum and he has not learnt the simple lesson that “respect begets respect”.

  6. bwambale simon

    November 22, 2016 at 11:58 am

    morinho should concentrate on what he does and get good results and wait if the media will not support him

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