Wenger suggests negativity from fans to blame for title failure

By on April 29, 2016

Arsene wenger

Arsene Wenger has infuriated Arsenal fans this morning after suggesting the negative atmosphere at the Emirates played a part in our failure to win the Premier League this season.

With supporter unrest growing steadily this season, the boss has made several hints in recent months that the negativity in the stands was affecting the players on the pitch.

However, Wenger has now come straight out and and practically blamed the home fans for our title collapse after telling the media at his press conference this morning that the ‘difficult climate’ at the Emirates has contributed to our title collapse.

Arsene, incorrectly, claimed that we’re champions away from home but lost the title at the Emirates against the lower teams and suggested everyone involved with the club have to stick together to be successful.

The bosses comments came after being quizzed about the planned protest at tomorrow’s Norwich game, with supporter groups joining forces to call for change at the club. The protest isn’t specifically aimed at Wenger but obviously he’s going to take it personally as many fans want him gone this summer.

When asked about the protest, Wenger is quoted as saying by the Mirror:

“We lost the championship at home against the lower teams, but we played at home in a very difficult climate.

“We have to realise that, away from home, we are championship winners. At home, against the smaller teams, we lost the league.

“This club does have special values though and one I’ve experienced over the years is to stick together and support the team. There’s no success without that.”

In many ways, Arsene is right, we have blown the title at home as we’ve dropped silly points against West Ham, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Southampton, Swansea and most recently Crystal Palace.

The atmosphere at the Emirates is also pretty poor most games. There is lots of moaning and groaning every time an attack breaks down or a pass goes astray, and I have no doubt this does transmit to the players. We’d all love a red-hot atmosphere like Leicester have been playing in at the King Power every week.

However, the problem is, Wenger is a huge reason for the lack of enthusiasm these days. Don’t get me wrong, Arsenal have never been known for having vociferous fans. Highbury wasn’t called ‘the library’ for nothing, and the players have to take their share of the responsibility.

But many fans who go to the home games these days are fed up and want a change of manager, so lots of the negativity in the stands is actually aimed at Wenger. If he knew this, perhaps he’d do well not to point it out in the media.

I guarantee that we’d have a far more positive atmosphere at the first home game of next season if a new manager was in charge. There would be a renewed sense of excitement among the supporters.

Once a manager takes aim at his own fans, it never ends well. For a man under immense pressure, it was a silly thing to do because Arsene has just made things a lot tougher for himself.

It’s also worth noting that Wenger’s claim ‘we’re championship winners’ away from home is incorrect. We actually have the third best away record:


  1. Sulphur

    April 29, 2016 at 10:47 am

    You need to go Wenger simple as that on yer bike

  2. jack&mats dad

    April 29, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Its not negativity its born of frustration putting up with the same old same old every year. Why kronke wont sign a first draft pick or even a 5th draft for christ sake is beyond me. invest on the pitch and the rest will come. A decent centre back top class centre forward the rest is good.Shame we are not called the LA Arsenal we would get our man then wouldnt we Stan?

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