Tweets: Ozil & Bellerin react on Twitter after win over West Brom

By on April 22, 2016

Mesut Ozil and Hector Bellerin are among the Arsenal players who’ve been reacting on Twitter after we eased to a 2-0 victory over West Bromwich Albion on Thursday night.

A superb early strike from Alexis Sanchez broke the deadlock before the Chilean international wrapped-up the three points with a lovely free-kick just before half time.

The win sees us climb back above Manchester City in to third spot in the Premier League table while we’re now just four points behind second-placed rivals Tottenham with four games to play.

After the game, Ozil, Bellerin, Alex Iwobi and Mohamed Elneny have all taken to Twitter to react to the win with Ozil and Bellerin in particular hailing an important victory, while Iwobi took time to praise the fans [those who turned up, anyway].

Check out what the players have been saying:

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  1. Delford Magaya

    April 22, 2016 at 11:05 am

    The board, management and Wenger should realize that, you do not take supporters for granted, Kronke do not know much about football and he should ask those who have been in football for a long time, to make sure they pay the required price for quality players. Kronke should let USMANOV take over Arsenal. We were very lucky to have some few supporters in the stadium last night, next time they will play in an empty stadium, if they do not take supporters seriously. When supporters say enough is enough, they are not playing, they mean it. Wenger is there to advise the board of what happens in football, not to take advantage of supporters, yet, they are their paymasters. I have said it before that, Wenger will one day leave Arsenal before his time to leave Arsenal, because of the pressure from supporters. Why not do the right things? Other big teams are doing it and what is so difficult about Arsenal? I think now the board and management have learnt a very good lesson. If Kronke is only after money, then he should sell all his shares to someone like USMANOV who has interest in football, or they must bring David Dean to make sure he deals with transfers to REVIVE ARSENAL, he know how to negotiate with other clubs,because of his vast experience in football. He is the only man who can help Wenger to do the right things, because of his love of football, he is the one who brought Wenger from Japan to Arsenal, by then Wenger had no name in football, but when he started coaching Arsenal, we have seen that, he has a lot of potential to make the club one of the best, but the problem is the man who took over the ownership of Arsenal, Kronke! there was a time when Arsenal was a selling club because of Kronke, it was not Wenger who was doing that, but the management and the board are the ones who have been doing that, people should not go for Wenger, he has also a duty to play by advising the board and management what is required for the club be successful. Wenger is an employee and he cannot do anything, if he is not given enough money to buy the required players, WE MUST REMEMBER KRONKE SAYS HE DID NOT BUY ARSENAL TO WIN TROPHIES, but we do not use our reasoning capacity to ask Kronke, instead we go for Wenger. Why not go for Kronke who is the owner? who even made it clear, he did not buy Arsenal to win trophies. Supporters sometimes need to have proper reasoning instead of following what the mob says. SUPPORTERS SHOULD REASONABLE ENOUGH TO HELP THE CLUB SORT OUT SOME OF THE PROBLEM, INSTEAD OF ASKING FOR A COACH TO RESIGN. Man United did that with David Moyes and now they are doing it with Van Gaal, it is a lesoon Arsenal supporters should learn.

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