Copying Winning Bettors is not cheating

By on January 19, 2016

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be a winning bettor. You don’t need to study stats for hours or know someone in the dressing room to get the insiders scoop, simply copy winning bettors.

The latest release from mobile tipster FanBet, sees an innovative approach to Premier League tips. For the first time you can follow winning social bettors and copy their picks.

The FanBet platform allows any member to follow any other member. This means you have a very cool way of looking at who the consistent winners are and then copying them.

FanBet then takes their value offering one step further and allows you to track the odds for any tip in the easy to use odds tracker. It really is the most simple and elegant of systems to use.

In addition to betting tips you can also see live scores, standings, chat with fellow fans worldwide and bet for free to win cash prizes.

The FanBet platform has been expertly built to function perfectly on mobile phones and is the first product of it’s kind to combine this many features in one interface.

FanBet is 100% free to use and currently supports Premier League football exclusively. Signup is super quick and tips are streamed in real time with hot bettors displayed by their average return over 5 games.

Sign up for FanBet Tips and improve your chances of winning at the bookies. Thousands of savvy fans are already benefitting.

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