Arsenal Set To Hand Star New £150k-A-Week Deal Amid £30m Bid Rumours

By on April 8, 2015


Arsenal are set to reject all offers from Manchester City and hand Jack Wilshere a new contract worth £150,000-a-week.

That’s according to the Telegraph, who claim that Arsene Wenger still has huge faith in Wilshere despite another frustrating injury-plagued season.

Reports in this mornings newspapers claimed that City were lining-up a potential £30m+ move for Jack as they look to bring in more English talent this summer.

However, it seems Arsenal have been quick to respond and brief the press as the Telegraph are one of several outlets who are now reporting that we’ll turn down any enquiries for the midfielder.

Instead, the newspaper suggests we’re ready to reward the 23-year-old with a new long-term deal worth around £150,00-a-week.

There’s no hurry to get the extension signed, as his current deal doesn’t expire until 2018, but the paper states that Wenger still believes Jack is one of the best talents in Europe and has a huge future at the club.


I agree Wilshere still has a big future at Arsenal, but does he really deserve a new deal with a huge pay rise? He’s only managed 16 appearances in all competitions this season and hasn’t really progressed since he signed his last deal in December 2012.

Sure, hand him a small pay rise in-line with how the market has moved but can we honestly say Jack is worth £150,000-a-week right now? He’s just returned to full fitness but will struggle to force his way into the starting line-up, so can hardly be called a vital first team player.

Jack has plenty of potential and we should certainly reject City’s interest this summer, but I think he needs to get a good injury-free season under his belt before we go handing him a bumper new deal.


  1. Kamba Cassim

    April 8, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    There is plenty of effective attacking midfield talent at AW’s disposal in the name of Ozil, Santi, Rosiscky, Ramsey if you like, Zelalem with a generous opportunity for Sanchez turning into a central attacking midfielder. I have not mentioned Welshire and his Diaby! No accident. I would rather prefer that they leave immediately even for free. Under Wenger Welshire will never improve and Diaby is disaster. Surprisingly Wenger must be planning to offer these two lads mega deals! What a waste!!! How can such man ever win anything if not by accident???????

  2. arsenal boss

    April 8, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Hi Guys,

    Don’t normally respond to comments but felt the need to respond to the muppet above. Jack Wilshere is one of our own. He has been with Arsenal since he was five years old. He is comfortably the best English player to emerge since Paul Gascoigne. He is Arsenal through and through and when our players has unfortunate injuries WE, as in the REAL ARSENAL SUPPORTERS, support our players. It is muppets like you who would have sold Rambo after his injury, only to pass up on the one of the best B2B midfielders in Europe for the next ten years. Newsflash Jack is more talented than Rambo and properly developed will be in the top five midfielders in the world for years to come and you want to get rid of him for free?
    Do some research about Steven Gerrard at Liverpool, he was constantly injured when younger as his body was still adjusting to itself and then he became a legend.

    As for Diaby, if he has managed to overcome his fitness problems then we keep him simple as. He is also Arsenal through and through and has been with us ten years. If we get one full season from him it will all have been worth it. Of course the mentality of the short term fan would not understand such a thing, but that is why Arsene is our manager and not Moureen or Van Gaal.

    We are Arsenal, we are not some plastic glory hunting short term club, we build our teams, we build our players, we improve and we stick by them, we do things the right way, that is why every decent club in Europe attempts to copy our blueprint. Now anyone who suggests selling Jack Wilshere again consider whether you are true Arsenal fan or just an immature person with a underdeveloped sense or perspective and a complete lack of knowledge in short just a total c..t!

    • sebastian

      April 8, 2015 at 11:21 pm

      comparas gerrard con wilshere no digas estupideces ,jack no demostro nada cuantos lustros mas se necesita el inmaduro sos vos que vives de las expectativas el arsenal es el tercer equipo grande de inglaterra y no puede conformarse con con salir 4,3, o 2 o clasificar para la champions ese pensamiento es de equipo chico. les ganamos a los equipos inferiores y a los nuevos ricos o grandes nos ganan .

    • Kamba Cassim

      April 22, 2015 at 10:35 am

      My gratitude to you for the painful labour you invested in helping me appreciate what in your view is a great mistake to consider allowing Diaby and Jack Wishere try their trade elsewhere.
      Whereas I understand your sentiments, I would further beg to reiterate the earlier position. You will do me justice to consider my observations hereunder;
      Life is about purpose; which informs our actions and that is how our destiny is shaped.
      For projects, the principle of cause and effect is instructive. The output can only be as good as the inputs. You need measurable outputs to define the degree of success.
      Question: Is Abou Diaby worthy another contract given the following:
      1. He has played 34 Premiership games for Arsenal since 2010/2011 to date. An average of 7 games per season. For seasons 2013/14 and 2014/15 Diaby has played a total of one (01) game. Is this return something muppets should not worry about?
      2. He has suffered 42 different injuries from the Head (01), Body (01), Back (01), Right Leg (18), Left Leg (11), Right Foot (09)
      Do we need lenses to see bandages all over his body? If one owns a car that serves seven out 38 equal legs of a journey and then breaks down and remains under repair not once, twice but for five years in a row. Is it not cost effective to recommend buying a new car??
      An opinion is a thin membrane separating knowledge and ignorance and usually it is in the province of knowledge to allow others express their views. Only then can readers know who the muppet is.

      No doubt, Jack is as good a midfielder as he is on the treatment bed. Need I repeat my case here? If you had Ozil, Santi, Ramsey, ………… and you have only one slot for number 10 (attacking midfielder), convince me that you would select Jack at the expense of all the others! Reflect.
      Do you know how many Arsenal has without Jack? Contrast this with the statistics when Jack is on the team.
      I hope that in future you will write with more of your head than your heart.

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