Szczesny & Walcott Start: How Arsenal Should Line-Up vs Leicester

By on February 9, 2015

wojciech szczesny arsenal

Arsenal get the chance to bounce back quickly from Saturday’s disappointment as we welcome Leicester City to the Emirates tomorrow. This is how I’d line-up………..

I’ve been calling for Szczesny to be recalled for weeks. I was prepared to give Ospina a chance but Saturday’s display has convinced me that the Colombian isn’t the long-term answer between the sticks.

Yes, he made a couple of decent stops but they were all fairly routine saves. The BIG problem for me was that more often than not when he did make a save he’d palm the ball back into the danger zone. Maybe nerves played their part but it’s a terrible trait for a goalkeeper to have.

I actually feel he was at fault for the first Tottenham goal too as he just flapped the cross straight to Kane at the far stick. He’s fairly short for a keeper and I think this had a negative effect on that occasion. So for me, Szczesny’s learnt his lesson. Now it’s time for him to be recalled.

The defence hardly covered themselves in glory at White Hart Lane either and although he was arguably our best defender on the day, I think we should drop Monreal and give Gibbsy a run-out as he’s not played much in recent weeks.

There is an argument that this would be a good time to hand Gabriel his debut but I think we should wait for Sunday’s FA Cup clash with Middlesbrough, so I’d stick with Per and Kos.

Aaron Ramsey’s poor form continued at the weekend so I’d drop him. I know Arsene Wenger won’t, but I think it’s about time he was left out. Let’s stick Cazorla in a deeper role and play Ozil in the ‘hole’ where we’ll get the best out of him. This isn’t a formation we could use against the big teams, but we should get away with it at home to Leicester.

Walcott should certainly start on the right wing and Sanchez is back in contention after recovering from a hamstring injury. However, I’d only risk Alexis from the start IF he’s 100% fit. Otherwise, stick Welbeck on the left wing.

So this would be my team:

Agree with my team? What would your line-up be?


  1. 4midable

    February 9, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    U’re certainly the worst of armchair pundits out there. No offence, but it seems u watched the Arsenal – Tottenham on planet Mars. Ospina who bailed Arsenal out on so many occasions. U certainly must be kidding me. U’re d poorest of analysts out there. Ospina kept pushing balls towards d side so that he won’t palm those balls at d feet of on rushing opponents. He produced a miraculous save to keep that header out before Harry ghosted in behind sleeping Aaron, yet u said he flapped d cross. D only regret I have is that I actually read this article. U don’t like him maybe because he’s short (that must be it), u like Sczesny (that is normal), but please be objective when writing; I beg u.

  2. sphiinx37

    February 9, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Last game Arsenal made the mistake of having 10 in the defensive box. I like to see the team keep the foreward above the centerline and defend with seven, four backs and three center backs.

  3. Rab

    February 9, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    Ospina is World Cup class goal keeper as you may have seen last summer!! Without dissecting your whole analysis…lets just go with one word you used….routine….ospina does the routine comfortably…he’s pulled off more quality saves in the run of games he’s had than Szcezny has all season! Ospinas shot stopping is of top quality, his positioning and his distribution. He’s assured! Mature! Serious about his work! Ospina coming in has saved me a lot of frustration and disbelief cast on me all of last season and this by the clown they call schezny….he fails with the basics! Week in week out….poor decision making, poor focus, unforced errors, cockey, arrogant, immature…cud go on!

    Undoubtedly we’ll see szchezny against Middlesbrough on the weekend….and chances are you’ll get to witness some of the stuff mentioned above! Unless he’s decided to fix up…until then you should get used to and start appreciating what mr ospina is bringing to the table! Schezny got to put some serious work in now to come even close to ospina! He’s been comfortable for too long with no challenge and now it’s come he must realize how far he is behind in his development…he’s at the arsenal…been first choice for how long now…and he still does wot he does! Didn’t apply himself enough…too busy pissing about both in training and matches!! Thinks he’s made it already!! Just not serious!!!

  4. B Johnson

    February 9, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Good line-up. However I would like to see ROSICKY in the team ahead of WALCOTT. ROSICKY is so important to us as he is the one player that truly drives us forward. I certainly agree with your comments in RAMSAY- he is slow, arrogant and makes me sick with his stupid flicks at every opportunity. ROSICKY instead of WALCOTT and push Cazorla up front and ROSICKY next to Coquelin.

  5. Rab

    February 9, 2015 at 10:25 pm

    Ramsey will be back soon…I know it’s frustrating but it will come! He’s got a serious engine on him and the best we’ve at going box to box for 90 mins every week! As for lazy and arrogant?? I don’t think so…when on form and fit Ramsey covers a serious amount of ground in that role…it’s like being the long distance runner of the team! Please!! And arrogant…if you knew anything about him you would know he’s a shy and humble character!The only player seriously challenging Walcott for that right side is a fit ox. Walcott needs to play games to get his form…how else do you expect him to regain his form…??…continue playing u21 matches! The guys been out for 14 months. Next to coquelin rosicky wouldnt have the physicalty required to protect the back four consistently so we wud be abit lighter defensively…as for the right side…I’d rather the blistering pace of Walcott or ox with cazorla and or ozil feeding!!!

  6. Twivil

    February 9, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    Cazorla as a deep midfielder? The bloke can’t run, can’t close down and can’t tackle. You can’t play Ozil and Cazorla away against top sides. So why bother at home? We need practice and practice of getting back to Wengerball- moving forward quickly in a series of passes and inter-changing with pace – and using the wings as well. The Coq can fit into Wengerball but Caz sadly just clogs things up- gets in the way. The Spuds are playing better wengerball than us now. Time to change.

    And bench the Sacker. Let’s get back to Keown style defending. Get the spaniard in.

  7. Rabiu Ibrahim

    February 10, 2015 at 10:32 am

    Dat is a very bad selection, Ospina should cash ball instead of Szcennys

  8. Bongani Petros

    February 10, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Ospna in goals

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