VIDEO: Neville Enrages Arsenal Fans By Saying He’d ‘Smash’ Rosicky

By on January 26, 2015

Image: Daily Mail

Former Manchester United defender Phil Neville has enraged Arsenal fans after claiming he’d have ‘two-footed’ and ‘smashed’ Tomas Rosicky if he’d have done a no-look pass on him in training.

Rosicky put on a master-class performance to help Arsenal to a 3-2 win over Brighton & Hove Albion on Sunday afternoon with the Czech international setting up one and scoring a stunning third – which turned out to be the winning goal.

Rosicky’s virtuoso performance also included an array of superb passing throughout the game, with the 34-year-old pulling off a ‘no-look’ pass on three separate occasions, including in the build-up to the third goal.

However, these antics didn’t go down too well with a certain Mr Neville as the former United defender blasted Rosicky live on Match of the Day 2 last night, claiming that if a player had done that to him and embarrassed him in training, he’d have ‘two-foot’ and ‘smashed’ them.

‘If that was a training session and somebody did that I’d be first over there and I’d probably look to two-foot him or take him out of the game.’

‘If somebody did that in training to me, winding me up, I would be straight in there. I’d smash them.’

Neville has tried to back-track on Twitter saying his comments were ‘tongue in cheek’ but what he said is nothing short of disgraceful.

It shows the mentality of the man, as he clearly feels the only way to stop players like Rosicky is to ‘smash’ them. I’m sure Jose Reyes will testify to this as he was on the wrong end of Neville’s philosophy when he kicked him off the park at Old Trafford back in 2005/06.

This ‘smash-em’ mentality is precisely what’s wrong with English football and so-called pundits like Neville are setting a terrible example to the young footballers of today.

Young English talent should be aspiring to be like players like Rosicky, not thugs like Neville. Who think it’s okay to simply kick the sh*t out of the more talented footballers around him.

I get that Neville junior had to play in Gary’s shadow as a player and he’s once again being left behind as they make their names in the media, but surely he can come up with something more intelligent than this rubbish to make a name for himself as a ‘controversial’ pundit?