Can an Arsenal Fan Win it all?

By on July 24, 2014

Every fan knows best, right? I mean, that’s the reason you’re going to sign up for the new fantasy football betting challenge at FanBet.com, so you can win the big bucks by beating the competition. Because let’s be honest here, YOU know better than Joe Average and this is going to be your year.

One look at the FanBet Leaderboard from last season and it’s clear to see Liverpool fans are the hot favourites to go back to back. But this is a new season, with new energy, and Arsenal fans will be gunning for the top spot.

The competition will be tougher than ever this season with fans from around the world gearing up to win their share of £10,000 in total cash prizes. The rules have changed too, so pay attention.

This season you’ll start each week with 5,000 in fantasy chips. Bet them wisely on Premier League games because if you blow it all out the gate you’ll have to wait a full week to get back in on the action.

The weekly winners will receive quick payments via Paypal or Skrill, so be sure to have your details ready when payment time comes around. (Typically a Tuesday)

Registration for the 2014/15 season is officially open and play starts August 11. Visit FanBet.com to signup for free and get ready to slug it out in the greatest fantasy betting challenge online.

Remember, you are playing to win cash, status points and get Arsenal to the top of the leaderboard, so bet wisely.

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