The King Has Arrived! Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry Joins Twitter!

By on May 12, 2014

The day has finally arrived, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has officially joined Twitter!

For those of you who aren’t on Twitter, this won’t mean a lot to you, but those who are on the social media network will no doubt share my excitement.

The Gunners legend posted his first tweet at lunchtime today, simply announcing himself to Twitter and confirming that all views expressed will be his own.

At the time of writing, Henry gained almost 50,000 followers in around 20 minutes and no doubt he’ll soon be one of the most popular athletes on the site.

Arsenal.com and Aaron Ramsey were quick to welcome the striker and I’m sure I won’t be the only one keeping an eye out for what the great man has to share over the coming weeks and months.

Come on Gooners, get following!